Arts Commission Guiding Principles Imagine DeSoto presents a refreshed strategy for advancing the arts and cultural sector and promotes a clear vision of what success will look like. The City is committed to developing artists and arts programs that seek excellence in arts programming across the city and raises the standard of work being produced by, with and for the residents of DeSoto.

The City of DeSoto believes that:

• Consistency and relevance in arts programming is a civic priority

• Residents from diverse backgrounds and abilities must be considered and included in the development of the City’s arts policies and programs

• Through the arts, citizens develop belonging, pride and ownership in the city’s future

• Resources dedicated to promoting the arts should ensure positive and inclusive experiences

• Investing in the development of local artists and DeSoto-based cultural organizations is a priority • Arts programs organized and funded by the city should promote DeSoto as a cultural destination • The process and impact of temporary or permanent public art should include consultation and engagement with the community • Funding for the arts provided by the City should produce cultural experiences that are relevant to people’s lives


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