2020 DeSoto Arts Commission James Adams, Chair Barron Coleman, Vice Chair

Janice Garrett, Commission Member Roslyn Young, Commission Member Marchello Eans, Commission Member Myron Butler, Commission Member LaSonja Flowers-Ivory, Commission Member Kathy Jones, Commission Staff Liaison City of DeSoto, Community Relations Manager

Thought Leaders Rolanda Brigham, Chair

Public Art Survey Participants Crystal Owens Managing Director, Development Services Kerry McGeath Managing Director, Public Library Christopher Glover Interim Director, Parks and Recreation Tony Irvin P.E. Assistant Director, Development Services MJR PARTNERS TEAM Margie J. Reese, Principal Consultant Evan Cleveland, Document Editor Dr. Marlena McKnight, Researcher Constance Y. White, Project Manager Sam Williamson, Facilitator

There were lots of people involved in this planning process. Thank you to everyone who participated.


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