The Arts Commission Chair appointed a Task Force to focus on the structural and operational procedures of the Commission. The Task Force participated in four virtual work sessions that allowed them to research and discuss the following topics:

• Presenting vs. producing arts programs • Understanding state and national public funding opportunities • Public aesthetics/art in public spaces • Arts learning for multi-generational audiences

These sessions led to an examination of current practices of the Commission and pointed to new ways of work that could advance the vision and values of the Arts Commission. Discoveries from initial research, survey results, findings from a review of background materials and learnings from the work of the Task Force were shared with the Arts Commission for their consideration. Review of Comparable North Texas Cities Although DeSoto is by population smaller than many North Texas cities with a history of supporting the arts, its practices and infrastructure are on par with cultural systems in larger regional suburban cities. The cities chosen as comparison cities for this study, show a range of structures – from all-volunteer agencies to facility managers with fully staffed city departments. An examination of the selected comparison cities offers background information for further developing the cultural system in DeSoto. (Appendix A) Case Study Wichita Falls, Texas, was identified as a nearby case-study city, where recent intentional arts planning and investment in the arts continue to generate visible impact. An in-person trip to visit Wichita Falls was unfortunately cancelled as the COVID-19 pandemic posed a risk to travelers. However, the Arts Commission and city leaders were able to engage in a video-meeting with grants review panel members, funders and staff of the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture. The virtual visit focused on grant review procedures, private philanthropy and showcased examples of community-based public art projects. (Appendix B)


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