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ROUND TABLE. OPINIONS FROM EXPERTS. ANDROLOGY AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY. Urological Prosthetic surgery: penile prosthesis, male suburethral slings, artificial urinary sphincters. SURGERIES "live" Inflatable Penile prosthesis implantation. Dr. Arthur Burnett USA. Inflatable Penile prosthesis implantation. Dr. Allen Morey USA. Implant of Artificial Urinary sphincter in male. Dr. Ricardo González -USA. Function and dysfunction of stem cells, regeneration and repair in Urology  Diagnosis and Treatment of ureteropielic obstruction in the adult: endoscopy vs surgery  Urethroplasty and bladder neck reconstruction: trends and new techniques.  Surgical management of adquired buriedpenis intheadult.  Bladder Reconstructive Surgery: fistulas, bladder augmentation, neobladder and urinary diversion and ureteral reimplant.  • Peyronie’s Disease and congenital  penile curvature: current status. SYMPOSIUM. TRACT RECONSTRUCTION AND MALE GENITAL SURGERY”. “URINARY

ROUND TABLE. CONSULT WITH THE EXPERTS. ANDROLOGY AND RECONSTRUCTIVE UROLOGY. Peyronie’s Disease: New medical and surgical treatment. LIVE SURGERY: Plication technique by Dr. Allen Morey-USA ROUND TABLE. RECONSTRUCTIVE UROLOGICAL SURGERY. OPINION FROM EXPERTS. The transgender patient: what every urologist should know. LIVESURGERYMale-femalegender reassignment by Dr. Guillermo Mac Millán-Chile. FORUM: FEMALE SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION “SEX AND THE CITY”. OPEN TO PUBLIC Advances from this century in female sexual dysfunction: utopia or reality?  Uro-gynecological surgeries and the impact in the female sexual function  Impact of urinary incontinence and organ pelvic prolapse in female sexual function and dysfunction  Vaginal rejuvenation: the new frontier  Use of Testosterone in the women: myths and facts.  ED: a problemof two, the role of the couple. 

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