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castration - resistant prostate cancer, with or without metastases. Management M1 prostate cancer: impact of comorbidities and access to supportive therapies.  Multidisciplinary management of prostate cancer, considering therapies that improve survival and quality of life.  Surgeon's experience: determining factor in the success of prostate cancer surgery.  Open and laparoscopic surgeries, excellent alternatives approach to robot-assistedsurgery.  Robotic assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy: is here to stay!  Novel techniques for robotic prostate surgery: Spectroscopy and fluorescence antI-PSMA Antibody.  Impact of hypothermia on the preservation of nerve complex in the radicalprostatectomy.  Extended Lymphadenectomywith Radical prostatectomy after Neoadjuvant Hormonal Therapy: outcomes  Salvage Lymphadenectomypost- radical prostatectomy  New nomograms and algorithms to predict recurrence in high-risk prostatecancer.  Quality of life. Surviving to prostate cancer. Management of recurrence, urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. 

Biomarkers, the new frontier. Tumormarkers. 

Benefits and harms of the PSA test for the detection of prostate cancer.  Lessons learned from the REDUCE clinical study.  Active surveillance: who, when, how and withwhat?  Management of Localized Prostate Cancer.  Optimizing prostate cancer diagnosis: Trans-perineal, Ultrasound guided trans-rectal and multiparametric MRI/ultrasound fusion guided transrectal biopsy.  Value of Ga-PSMA PET / CT for the clinical management of patients with prostatecancer.  Prognosisof lowGleasonscore in patients under active surveillance. 

SYMPOSIUM. PROSTATE CANCER. II MEDICAL AND SURGICAL TREATMENT. Guidelines for themanagement of localized prostate cancer.  Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy in Prostate Cancer: the future is here!  Current status of Hormone Therapy of ProstateCancer.  Focal treatment of Prostate Cancer: current andemerging technologies.  Compendium of Guidelines AUA/ EAU 2017 for the management of 

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