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Book Bags and Big Steps What ‘Back to School’ Means to a Dad

moment for me to see my daughter walk in to her first day of school.

“Back-to-school season” means different things over the course of one’s life. As a kid, back to school meant an end to the golden summer vacation and the start of spending eight hours a day trapped in a classroom. During college years, back to school meant you’re one step closer to finally getting your degree and starting your career. As a parent, I’ve learned back to school means realizing your baby is growing up. been in nursery school, but preschool is “the real deal.” When we took her to class on the first day of school, Bella saw some kids she recognized waiting around and was happy to play with them. When the classroom door finally opened, in her excitement, Bella was basically, like, “Mom and Dad who?” She skipped off without a second thought. It was very emotional for my wife, Danielle, and I’ll admit it was a big I started my own company years ago so I could have the flexibility to be there for the important occasions in my daughter’s life, as well as the everyday moments. My daughter Isabella just started preschool. For the last two years, she’s

I am so glad I get to watch her grow up and learn new things. Being a dad is awesome. I started my own company years ago so I could have the flexibility to be there for the important occasions in my daughter’s life, as well as the everyday moments. I chose my office to be in a location where I am able to drop off Bella at school in the mornings. Of course, I’ve learned I need to get my hug and kiss before she gets out of the car. Once the door opens, she’s running to the building, book bag in tow. I love the moments we spend together, and I wouldn’t ask her to slow down. She’s growing up fast, and I’m proud I get to be here to guide her through it. grows up, and I know I need to think ahead so I can take care of her if and when the unexpected happens. Many people work hard and make sacrifices not just to pay the bills today, but to save money for the future to take care of their families. Sometimes working hard means we have to put big family plans on hold. Part of what I love about helping people plan for and enjoy their retirement is that I am also able to help them take care Being a parent means you have to make sacrifices. I will be there as my daughter

of their families. When we finally say goodbye to the workforce, we’re free to travel, visit with our family, do all the things we never had time to do while working. A smart financial plan will also make room to take care of your family. That could mean creating big memories on a vacation, being able to handle a medical emergency without draining your resources, or enjoying dinner together every Sunday. The right plan means we can enjoy retirement and still leave a financial legacy behind to take care of our family, even after we’re gone. We want to be there for our loved ones, and ultimately, that’s what life is all about.

– Adam Wolf, CPA, CFP ®

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