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This last month, I took a couple of trips — one for business, and one personal. Let’s start with the personal.

I flew out to Seattle to spend a week with my father. We were overdue for a visit, so I knew I needed to make the journey. One thing my dad really enjoys is going home to Yakima. My parents, Tom and JoAnne, raised their family of nine kids directly across the street from St. Paul’s Cathedral in Yakima, Washington. So, the day after I arrived, we jumped into my sister Mary Jo’s car at 5:30 a.m. and drove to St. Paul’s to celebrate the 8 a.m. mass at our home parish. Monsignor Ecker celebrated the Mass, and Dad saw a number of old friends. We had a terrific visit. My sister Kathleen, my brother John, Dad, and I also visited Enumclaw (my dad’s childhood hometown) and visited some of our relatives. My dad and I even got a haircut from my cousin Sheila. During the Seattle visit, we enjoyed seafood with my sister Anne, visited my brother Tom and his wife, Peggy, and played A LOT of cards. Sounds like a pretty mundane visit, huh? Nevertheless, this trip meant the world to me. You see, my father fell and broke his pelvis earlier this year. He’s 95, and for a lot of people, this would mean losing the ability to walk ever again. Well, not only does dad walk, but he goes to regular exercise class, goes downtown to lunch at his most favorite lunch spot in the world, and lectors at his parish. I would ask all of you to keep my dad in your prayers. If you are in Seattle, stop by to chat with him. You will be glad you did. Dad, you are an inspiration to us all. You are my role model. I love you. The other trip I took was all business. For the second straight year, I traveled to Arlington, Virginia, for three days as part of our quest to improve our firm in a dramatic way. We have two main goals for this yearly trip. First, we want to ensure that our law firm provides excellent service to our clients. Second,

Me and Dad

we want to make sure all of our team members have the tools they need to continue to grow as leaders.

Over the years, clients have repeatedly entrusted us with huge life-altering problems. They have relied on us to fix these problems. We have repeatedly delivered. Still, we want to be better. We want to innovate. To that end, I spent three days evaluating every aspect of our law firm, planning and implementing changes for the future, and updating how we interact with you. I’m not the only one working to improve our service to you. All of our team members regularly seek out ways to grow as leaders in our field. Pat has continued his regular continuing legal education, has attended three national trial lawyer conventions, and is writing a book. Kate traveled to Virginia for a few days to study how to make our office management systems work better and is also working on a book. Thank you once again for allowing us to serve you and your family.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone.

– Joe Shannon

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