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I nterior D esign

By Richard Gacek, Gacek Design Group Create Compelling Design


elling. Marketing. Mer- chandising. The Oxford English Dictionary de-

It’s not enough to broadly reach targets like Millennials or Baby Boomers. Although

Design Group, we rely on re- search for demographic, psy- chographic, and geographic

amenity spaces and merchan- dised apartment units sell the consumer, especially those who cannot visualize a space. Merchandising highlights the target market’s lifestyle preferences and demonstrates how they will live in the space. Creating compelling design is more than just placing typical elements into a room. Today, it’s all about Experi- ential design. As commercial interior designers, we are constantly looking for ways to reach new audiences and deliver the WOW factor in our interior hospitality and

amenity spaces. We carefully follow research on industry trends and buyer behavior. We pay attention to lifestyle preferences, and we visit com- petitive projects to physically experience the spaces. This intelligence helps to guide our design as well as support our recommendations for future projects. This has always been the practice of Gacek Design Group, and no doubt is what differentiates us from other designers. Richard Gacek is the principal des igner of GacekDesignGroup. MAREJ

f i n e s t h e word mer - chandising as fol lows: “the activity of trying to sell goods or services by advertising them or dis-

To create compelling design, Gacek Design Group carefully plans each project to tell a story, evoke emotion, and provide an impactful first impression.

Richard Gacek

playing them attractively; to display those products in a way that draws so much interest and appeal from con- sumers that they make a purchase.” A key element to a developer’s marketing strat- egy must include compelling merchandising and design, one that captures the atten- tion of your target market and helps to differentiate your development from the competition. Once the development’s program is established, the interior designer presents the design concept, and begins to develop a schematic plan. In our experience, the most suc- cessful projects are the ones where the developer includes Gacek Design Group at the initial stages of planning. Interior designers bring a distinct viewpoint to the table and are considerate of sight lines and space flow to ensure a positive first impression. Room layouts and material specifications are carefully considered for maximum func- tion; and scale of furniture is important to ensure positive traffic flow throughout the space. To create compelling de- sign, Gacek Design Group carefully plans each project to tell a story, evoke emotion, and provide an impactful first impression. Since the interior design has a direct correlation to the consumer’s perception, creating a story and selecting the right furnishings and fin - ishes sets the stage for what the consumer can expect. It’s a tangible way to demonstrate the design style of the property. Is it a natural, Zen experience; or does it provide a moody jazz feeling. Rely on the expertise of an interior designer, who follows trends and styles in color palettes and textiles; and regularly collaborates with manufacturers to create unique designs that elevate the experiences and build value to create a memorable space.

this is a start to a good strat- egy, today’s consumers are looking for a more personal- ized experience. At Gacek

data to guide us through a merchandising story which always results in a welcoming experience. Lifestyle-driven

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