Franz Josef Land & Svalbard - 2018

He was curious about all the zodiacs filled with red jackets that were edging up on them and he kept venturing out to end of a narrow point of land and ice. Mom clearly was not thrilled with his temerity and kept calling him back to her. Several times he returned to her and they rolled around on the ice together and generally played “follow the leader.” Then the brave boy went back to the land projection closest to us and now Mom was “over it.” “he jumped in the water and swam around the spit and positioned herself between the nearest zodiac and her boy. Then he jumped into the water himself and they back around the island farther away from all of us. Then they shook off the seawater like a dog and rolled in the snow and ice to further dry off. It was so endearing to see the cub on his back with his feet in the air as he wriggled around. What an hour long show those two provided for us!

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