Southern Co-op Funeral Plan

Southern Co-op Funeral Plan

Safeguard your family’s future with a pre-paid, inflation proof, fully guaranteed funeral plan

It’s reassuring to know that everything is arranged and the family knows what our wishes are. Funeral plan holder, Hampshire

What is a pre-paid funeral plan? None of us like to think about the end of life, but by planning ahead we can spare the people we love, difficult decisions at a painful time. A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance of need, providing emotional and financial peace of mind for you and your family.

We’re here to guide you through We’ll explain all the options available and give you all the time you need to make the right decision. We’re here for you every step of the way. Plan it your way Make sure your final wishes are met, meaning less stress for your family and friends. Inflation proof No matter how much prices rise, your loved ones will have nothing more to pay for the products and services included in your plan. Peace of mind As you’ve arranged and paid for your funeral in advance.

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Why choose a Southern Co-op funeral plan?

With over 50 local funeral homes, we are an independent regional Co-op, owned and traded by people across the South for over 140 years. Our knowledge and experience enables us to support local families in all of their funeral planning and bereavement needs. At the Southern Co-op we recognise that everyone is unique and we all have different preferences and budgets. That is why we believe in giving you choice, flexibility, and complete control when it comes to planning your funeral.


Guaranteed acceptance You can start a pre-paid funeral plan today. There’s no upper age limit and you don’t need to have a medical. Guaranteed all inclusive costs A Southern Co-op funeral plan covers all Funeral Directors charges, as well as third party fees known as disbursements, in full. These could include crematorium, doctors, minister and church fees. Not all funeral plan providers cover these costs, with some only contributing towards them. This could lead to a significant shortfall for your family to find. Range of pre-paid funeral plans All of our plans are available for either a cremation or burial. We specialise in personalised funeral plans as well as having funeral packages available online. Inflation proof for peace of mind All services and products you include in the plan are guaranteed to be paid in full – no matter how much prices increase in the future. Funeral costs Flexible payment options to suit you. From a single upfront payment, to a choice of monthly instalment options from 1-10 years. Local expertise Your funeral arrangements will be in the hands of a trusted and experienced Funeral Co-ordinator. We work closely with local doctors, nursing homes, hospitals, crematoriums and burial grounds to ensure that all funeral arrangements run as smoothly as possible. are fixed at today’s prices. Easy payment options


You’re protected against rising funeral costs

The price of a funeral, like everything else, keeps going up and has almost doubled in the last decade. It is predicted average funeral costs could increase to £5,285 by 2024. Buying a fully guaranteed funeral plan helps you beat rising costs by paying at today’s price. It protects loved ones from any additional expense for the services included in the plan, no matter when the funeral takes place. Unlike some funeral plan providers, we promise to cover the full cost of all products and services included in your chosen plan. Once paid for, you’ll have


Funeral Cost Forecast*

£4,601 Average cost of basic funeral in 2020

peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will have nothing extra to pay when the time comes. Whatever type of funeral plan you choose, with Southern Co-op the cost of all products, services and third party charges selected in your plan are guaranteed, therefore there will be nothing more to pay**. If your family wants to add their own personal finishing touches to your funeral, these can be easily added and paid for when the time comes. **None of our burial plans include the cost of purchasing a grave

Funeral costs projections until 2024

*Source: Sunlife Cost of Dying Report 2020



Why choose a funeral plan instead of guaranteed-over-50s life cover? Some people choose to take out over 50s life cover to cover the cost of their funeral. Over 50s plans provide a lump sum on death. You may pay more in premiums over your lifetime (up to age 90 in some cases) than you receive back. Your lump sum may not cover all the cost of your funeral when the time comes. All the products and services in your Southern Co-op plan are fully guaranteed. So you’re buying the actual funeral services at today’s prices, no matter when you need those services in the future – when they may be more expensive.

Benefits of a funeral plan vs other ways of paying for your funeral

Pre-paid funeral plans

Over 50s cover



Can I pay monthly?



Does it protect against funeral inflation?

P (will cover all products and services listed in your plan)

Does it guarantee to pay for all the items that you want included in your funeral?


Does it offer support to me and my family from when I buy my plan to the delivery of my funeral?



P (less a cancellation charge see T&Cs)

O (dependent on the insurance provider)

If I cancel, will I get my money back?



Choose a plan that suits you

To make planning your funeral as simple as possible we offer a range of funeral plan options to meet both your wishes and budget. Personalised Funeral Plan Plan a celebration of your life that perfectly reflects who you are

Giving you control over all the choices. At Southern Co-op we know that it’s the little things that make a funeral special. A personalised funeral plan can be a full expression of your personality, helping you say a unique goodbye. Almost everything can be arranged and paid for in advance, meaning your family do not have to worry about guessing or paying for your final wishes. You can add to or change your funeral plan at any time. No charge will be made for making the changes; you simply pay for any additional services you arrange. Everything will be charged at today’s prices, guaranteeing there are no additional costs when the time comes. Visit us to arrange your plan A personalised funeral plan is unique to you, so can only be arranged with one of our Funeral Co-ordinating team. They make sure everything is recorded for you and will give you a detailed breakdown of costs, based on the choices you have made. Our experienced Funeral Co-ordinators will be happy to give you a no-obligation consultation to help you plan your funeral exactly the way you want it.

A few ways you can personalise your funeral plan: Coffin - a bespoke design can be covered in personal messages, art by loved ones and special poems. Music - if you’re a particular fan of a certain TV show, film or song, choose what you’d like people to associate your memory with. Dress code - request guests to wear your favourite colour for a celebratory funeral service. Journey - specify a particular route, perhaps taking in special places or an unusual hearse to reflect your personality. Location - you may prefer an alternative location for your service in perhaps a woodland or natural burial site. Our Funeral Co-ordinators can advise on different ways to personalise your funeral.



Funeral Plan Packages

Our funeral plan packages include the essential services needed for a cremation or burial. We have three plans, each including a different combination of products and services, so you can choose the one that most closely fits your needs. Our funeral plan packages are only available to purchase online:


How to buy a pre-paid funeral plan

Buying a personalised funeral plan Due to the individual nature of personalised funeral plans, we recommend an appointment at your local Southern Co-op funeral home to discuss the various options. Alternatively, you can make an appointment for one of our team to discuss our funeral plans in the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient for you. To find your local Southern Co-op funeral home, visit us online at .

Buying a funeral plan package Our funeral plan packages are only available to purchase online at . If you require assistance with your purchase, please call our dedicated funeral planning team. Buying a funeral plan for someone else You can buy one of our funeral plans for yourself, relative or a friend. Buying a grave None of our burial plans include the cost of purchasing/leasing a grave. We will be able to advise you on how you go about enquiring and purchasing a burial plot in your area with the local burial authority. Flexible payment scheme We offer an easy payment scheme to spread the cost from 1 year to a maximum of 10 years through monthly instalments.

Funeral Planning Team 0800 243 380 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


Easy to arrange, providing peace of mind for my family. Funeral plan holder, West Sussex


Frequently asked questions

We want to make choosing your funeral plan as simple as possible, so we’ve answered the questions we’re most frequently asked below. If you have a query that we haven’t answered here, don’t worry. Just contact a member of our friendly, knowledgeable funeral planning team and they will be happy to help.

Will a Southern Co-op funeral plan cover costs if I die abroad? The Southern Co-op funeral plan does not cover funerals that take place aboard. If you plan to go abroad, you should ensure that your travel or medical insurance policy includes full cover for repatriation costs. Once repatriated to the UK, the funeral plan can then be used to arrange the funeral as normal. What if I die away from home within Great Britain and Northern Ireland? Included in our funeral plans is the collection and transfer of the deceased to a resting place to a specified maximum mile radius. If you need to be transported further than that specified, extra charges will apply. How will the person arranging my funeral know what to do when the time comes? It is important to let the next of kin or executor know that you have arranged a Southern Co-op funeral plan and where the funeral plan certificate can be found. At the time of need, they must contact your local Southern Co-op funeral home who will organise the funeral arrangements specified in the funeral plan. What benefits will I receive as a Southern Co-op member? Please visit membership for the most up to date information on Southern Co-op membership benefit entitlements.

About our plans Who will be providing my funeral? Your funeral will be carried out by Southern Co-operative Funeralcare. You may choose your funeral home when you buy your plan or tell us later. We will record this so we know when the time comes. Who can arrange a Southern Co-op funeral plan? A Southern Co-op funeral plan is available to anyone aged 18 and over. You can arrange a funeral plan for yourself or on behalf of a partner, relative or friend. Do I need a medical to purchase a Southern Co-op funeral plan? No, there are no medical questions and there is no medical required when applying for a Southern Co-op funeral plan, whether or not you have any existing medical conditions. Can more than one person be named on a Southern Co-op funeral plan? Two people can be named on a Southern Co-op funeral plan, with the option to use it for either the first or the second person that passes away. Funeral Planning Team 0800 243 380 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


Additional peace of mind What additional safeguards are in place? Southern Co-op is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA). The FPA is a self regulatory body for funeral planning companies, which means you will benefit from the protection available through the Funeral Planning Authority’s code of practice. The Co-operative Funeralcare is a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors and adheres to The Funeral Director Code. This guides the actions, behaviour and standards of an NAFD funeral home and is designed to help funeral homes aspire to the highest professional standards and there is 10 key principles to adhere too - more information can be found here .

To find out more about the benefits of membership and to become a member call 0800 652 0124 alternatively visit us online or email How we keep your money safe Is my money safe? By choosing a Southern Co-op funeral plan you can be confident that you’re in safe hands, your money is protected and your funeral will be provided when the time comes. All Southern Co-op funeral plan monies are invested in a regulated whole of life insurance policy in accordance with the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001. When you buy a funeral plan from the Southern Co-op, 100% of your money is used to buy a whole of life insurance policy with Royal London. Royal London are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


Payment If I die prior to completing the instalment plan, is the fixed price still guaranteed? In the event of payments lapsing through death, the guaranteed price for the service remains but the outstanding balance must be paid before the funeral can take place. Will there be anything else to pay for at the time of the funeral? A Southern Co-op funeral plan guarantees to provide the exact funeral products and services paid for with no hidden charges or conditions. Whether the funeral takes place in 5 or 50 years time, there will be nothing left to pay, covering all costs including the third party fees that have been selected. Your representatives making the arrangements may wish to include additional items in your funeral that are not part of your plan. We can help to arrange these and they will need to be paid for in full before the funeral. Can I buy a plan for memorial masonry? Yes, our masonry plan allows you to arrange and pay in advance for new headstones and inscriptions on existing headstones.

After I’ve bought my plan What happens after I’ve bought my plan? Upon full payment you will be sent a funeral plan certificate. This should be retained in a safe place and your next of kin, executor or solicitor should be made aware of its existence. What if I want to make changes to my plan? There is no administration charge for making changes. We outline all of the potential change scenarios and how this may affect your plan in our terms and conditions. Please contact us if you wish to make any changes and we can talk this through with you. You can alter your funeral plan arrangements at a later date, although we would charge for any additional expense at the price prevailing at the time of change. What if I want to cancel my plan? You can cancel your plan within 30 days of taking out the plan and receive a full refund. After 30 days, an administration charge of 5% will apply.


Our promise We promise to give you the best end of life care, support and experience with a compassionate and ethical approach. Whether you’re arranging a funeral now or planning for the future, we’ll give you the time, understanding and respect to ensure a fitting tribute. Our funeral homes:

ALTON 71 High Street, GU34 1AB 01420 85298 ANDOVER 22 London Street, SP10 2PE 01264 334798 ASH VALE 231 Shawfield Road, GU12 5DL 01252 330834 AYLESBURY 73 Park Street, HP20 1DN

FINDON VALLEY 202 Kings Parade, Findon Road, BN14 0EJ 01903 877035 FRIMLEY GREEN 3 Wharf Road, Camberley, GU16 6LE 01252 837506 FROME 1 Nunney Road, BA11 4LA 01373 473426 GILLINGHAM 2 High Street, SP8 4QT 01747 824738 GORING-BY-SEA 56 Goring Road, Worthing, BN12 4AD 01903 505757 GOSPORT - ALVERSTOKE 147 Stoke Road, PO12 1SE 02392 581032 GOSPORT - ROWNER 11 Rowner Road, PO13 9UB 02392 502281 HAYLING ISLAND 20 Mengham Road, PO11 9BL 02392 460047 HAZLEMERE 21 Park Parade Centre, HP15 7AA 01494 717347 HIGH WYCOMBE 110 Dashwood Avenue, HP12 3EB 01494 451292 HOVE 38 Blatchington Road, BN3 3YH 01273 771332 ISLE OF WIGHT - EAST COWES 8-10 Ferry Road, PO32 6RA 01983 291263 ISLE OF WIGHT - FRESHWATER The Avenue, PO40 9UU 01983 756503 ISLE OF WIGHT - LAKE 1 The Fairway, Sandown, PO36 9EE 01983 403832 ISLE OF WIGHT - NEWPORT 61 Upper St James Street, PO30 1LQ 01983 537213 ISLE OF WIGHT - RYDE 45 St John’s Road, PO33 2RN 01983 615746 01983 861196 LEIGH PARK 194-196 Dunsbury Way, PO9 5BQ 02392 484499 LISS 3 Lower Mead, Hillbrow Road, GU33 7RL 01730 895593 Southern Co-operative Funerals Limited Registered in England Company No. 382640. Registered office: 1000 Lakeside, Western Road, Portsmouth, Hants, PO6 3FE. VAT Registration No. 107 6564 68 NAFD Membership 2629. V 1 March2022 All content correct at the time of printing - March 2022. ISLE OF WIGHT - SHANKLIN 76 Regent Street, PO37 7AP

PEACEHAVEN 217 South Coast Road, BN10 8LA 01273 585818 PORTSMOUTH - COPNOR 65 Tangier Road, PO3 6JH 02392 698362 PORTSMOUTH - COSHAM 47 High Street, PO6 3AX 02392 383460 PORTSMOUTH - EASTNEY 131 Eastney Road, PO4 8DZ 02392 873218 PORTSMOUTH - FRATTON 157 Fratton Road, PO1 5ER 02392 863031 PORTSMOUTH - NORTH END 52 London Road, PO2 0LN 02392 662534

01296 395356 BASINGSTOKE 1 Buckland Parade, Buckland Avenue, RG22 6JW 01256 351606 BEDHAMPTON 96 Bedhampton Road, Havant, PO9 3EZ 02392 453549 BISHOPS WALTHAM 24 High Street, St George’s Square, SO32 1AA 01489 896305 BOGNOR REGIS - NORTH BERSTED 230 Chichester Road, PO21 5BA 01243 865119 BOGNOR REGIS - ROSE GREEN 6 Nyetimber Lane, PO21 3HG 01243 268681 BRACKNELL 12 Rectory Row, East Hampstead, RG12 7BN 01344 454398 BRIGHTON 155 Lewes Road, BN2 3LG

PORTSMOUTH - PAULSGROVE 181 Allaway Avenue, PO6 4HG 02392 372106 PORTSMOUTH - SOMERSTOWN 68 St James Road, PO5 4HZ 02392 823855 PORTSMOUTH - SOUTHSEA 128 Albert Road, PO4 0JS 02392 832151 SHAFTESBURY Greenacre House, Salisbury Road, SP7 8BS 01747 858968 SHOREHAM-BY-SEA 68 High Street, BN43 5DB 01273 464647 STURMINSTER NEWTON 4 Market House, Station Road, DT10 1FG 01258 472073 UCKFIELD 65 High Street, TN22 1AP 01825 764125 WARMINSTER 3 George Street, BA12 8QA 01985 220105 WATERLOOVILLE 320 London Road, PO7 7DU 02392 266105 WENDOVER 3 Holly Court, Tring Road, HP22 6PE 01296 696224 WHITCHURCH 3 Winchester Street, RG28 7AH 01256 895914 WIDLEY 1 Cornwall Buildings, London Road, PO7 5AB 02392 378472 WORTHING 72 Newland Road, BN11 1LB 01903 215255

01273 626326 CHICHESTER Kingsham Avenue, PO19 8AW 01243 782209 COWPLAIN 37a London Road, PO8 8DF 02392 254490 EMSWORTH 31 North Street, PO10 7DA 01243 376458 FAREHAM 86 Trinity Street, PO16 7SJ 01329 280249 FARNBOROUGH 68 Victoria Road, GU14 7PH 01252 542236 FELPHAM 103-105 Felpham Way, PO22 8QB 01243 587067 FLEET 287 Fleet Road, GU51 3BT 01252 623098

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