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Apr 2018

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Green Leaves From the Ashes


Y ou’ve seen what I’ve seen, and it’s a welcome sight: the color green! I’m not talking about the people decked out for St. Patrick’s Day last month, but rather the burst of green along the hillsides after the recent rains. It’s already been four months since the Thomas Fire burned sizeable portions of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties bare. What a joy to see green crowding out black and brown on the hillsides — nature doing its thing! Without doubt, the climate and nearness of natural beauty are two of the biggest attractions for residents of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. In February, when I visited my parents in South Dakota, I was reminded how great we have it here. I went from shivering outside in subzero temperatures to drying out inside from continuous forced-air heating. I’d rather be here, even with the occasional wildfire! Even beauty can emerge out of the devastation of a wildfire. Along Creek Road outside of Ojai, there are partially burned hillsides of citrus and avocado orchards along with semiburned brush. The many-hued palette of greens and browns against black soil, and now the bright green of new growth in the sunlight, is simply stunning. I recently visited with a client in the Adelanto neighborhood of Ventura, where so many homes were consumed on the first night of the fire. She spoke with great appreciation for the new attitude among the neighbors whose homes remained. Before, neighbors went about their busy lives with little recognition of each other. Now, having gone through such a horrible experience, there is a new awareness and concern for each other. Despite the many empty lots and missing neighbors, it may be more of a “neighborhood” now.

will have fire scars for years to come, but there is no doubt the tree will live on. What a mix of pain and persistence, with damage and determination! It reminds us of our own health challenges as the years stack up. Even though I’m just a wet-behind-the-ears youngster at 58, the maintenance of my health takes more time and attention than it ever has. I’m probably pretty typical for a man of my age. I am adjusting from taking my health for granted to giving more attention and care to what I have. Running and basketball have been my joys. From grade school to my first arthroscopic knee clean-out at 40, I never had a fear for loss of ability or health. At age 48, when the deterioration in my knees and heels prohibited any further “impact loading,” I simply stopped exercising. I’m not a good swimmer, and bicycling doesn’t appeal to me. Life is very busy, and it has been easy to let the years go by without paying attention to what is important in my health. Kathy and I have adjusted our dietary lifestyle to significantly reduce sugar and carbohydrates. We recently purchased an elliptical machine so we can exercise without further damage to our knees. I’m happy to report that, after a few weeks of exercise, it feels good to get a good sweat going again. I’m hoping to see a decline in my blood pressure too! Many of you, my clients, face difficulties every day. Every now and then, we experience personal wildfires that challenge us. From the annual checkup, to occasional health challenges, to the need for constant care, our health is never far from our minds. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your health journey. I appreciate each of my clients. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Perhaps you’ve seen one of the many great oak trees on the hillsides, partially burned but still very much alive. It

–Lyn Thomas


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