WIN 2020 Catalog


DOMINANT FOR DEER No matter what your likely hunt scenario will be this season, Winchester has you covered. Here are our top deer bullets, designed to deliver on whitetails, mule deer and blacktails.

See page 20 for the full line-up of Winchester centerfire rifle ammunition along with detailed ballistics information.

Ballistic Silvertip Considered the ballistic champs in Winchester’s line, the sharp polymer tips, sleek nose profiles and boattails combine to minimize drag. For longer-range shots, this bullet delivers superior accuracy due to its ballistic coefficient and construction.

Shown here in 6.5 Creedmoor

Sleek nose profile and boattail bullet design for minimized drag

Polymer tip to initiate rapid expansion on impact

Lubalox (black oxide) coating for reduced barrel fouling

Shown here in 300 Win Mag

Power Max Bonded Power Max Bonded ammunition continues the Winchester tradition of legendary excellence with a proprietary bonding process that delivers massive expansion, long-range accuracy, and results in maximum knock-down power.

Bonded Core Technology remains welded to the jacket after impact

Notched Hollow Point promotes rapid expansion for quick knock-down

Contoured jacket and bonded lead core for maximum retained weight and penetration

Shown here in 270 Win

Precision accuracy due to the polymer tip

Streamlined profile and boattail for flat trajectory

Deer Season XP ® Copper Impact TM Deer Season XP Copper Impact™ features a large-diameter polymer tip and an engineered hollow-point bullet that initiates rapid expan- sion on impact. The solid copper bullet design offers improved weight retention and deep penetration. The red, reinforced polymer tip separates it from standard Deer Season XP® loads.

Solid copper bullet design, offers improved weight retention over

standard jacketed lead-core bullets

Large-impact-diameter Copper Extreme Point expands immediately upon contact to deliver massive knockdown power

Super X Power-Point This iconic deer bullet has been around hunt camps across the country for decades. Winchester’s most economical deer offering, Super X Power-Point affords deer hunters a bullet with reliable expansion and accuracy in a stout lineup of popular calibers.

Shown here in 243 Win

Notched jacket for reliable expansion

Lead-tipped cup-and-core bullet


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