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Expedition Big Game Expedition Big Game matches every cartridge with the perfect Accubond® CT® bullet weight, taking the guesswork out of choosing the right round for your next adventure. Expedition Big Game Long Range is loaded with Nosler Accubond Long Range (LR) bullets, combining optimum bullet weights for the most popular big game cartridges used in North America and Africa.

Shown here in 6.5 Creedmoor

Bonded lead alloy core for maximum retained weight and much deeper penetration

Polymer tip enhances long-range performance and bullet flight, resists deformation and initiates expansion upon impact

Sleek, tapered jacket is designed for maximum expansion at a variety of ranges

Shown here in 30-06 Sprg

Bonded lead alloy core and jacket are welded together for deeper penetration

Polymer tip initiates expansion upon impact

Tapered jacket for ultimate in-flight performance and controlled expansion

Shown here in 30-06 Sprg

Power Max Bonded ® Power Max Bonded cartridges have long been the go-to selection for serious big game hunters. Their protected hollow-point bullet features a contoured jacket and bonded core technology for high retained weight upon impact. Available in a wide range of calibers.

Bonded Core Technology remains welded to the jacket after impact

Notched Hollow Point promotes rapid expansion for quick knock-down

Contoured jacket and bonded lead core for maximum retained weight and penetration

Lubalox (black oxide) coating for reduced barrel fouling

Ballistic Silvertip For longer-range shots, Ballistic Silvertip delivers superior accuracy due to its sharp polymer tips, sleek nose profiles and boattails designed to minimize drag.

Shown here in 6.5 Creedmoor

Sleek nose profile and boattail bullet design for minimized drag

Polymer tip to initiate rapid expansion on impact


WINCHESTER With Winchester’s time-tested technology in your rifle, you carry the combined engineering expertise from more than 150 years of big game hunting bullet success. See page 20 for the full lineup of Winchester big game loads and detailed ballistics information.

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