WIN 2020 Catalog


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DEVASTATING ON WATERFOWL Offering a shotshell for every waterfowler in every situation, there’s a perfect Winchester option to meet your demand for performance, reliability and affordability.

loads along with detailed ballistics information.

Blind Side ® Winchester Blind Side combines ground-breaking, stacked Hex Steel Shot Technology and the Diamond Cut Wad in the most deadly waterfowl load available. The six-sided, multiple-edged shot provides increased trauma and wound channels, while the Diamond Cut Wad is designed to help with consistent patterns and increase kill zones by up to 25%.

Stacked Hex Steel Shot for increased trauma and faster kills

Diamond Cut Wad designed to provide choke responsiveness and optimum pattern performance to increase kill zone

Drylok Super Steel® System keeps powder dry in the worst conditions

Drylok Super Steel ® Winchester Drylok Super Steel shotshells provide water-resistant, high- velocity, knockdown performance for any kind of foul weather hunting situation a waterfowler might encounter. The two-piece, double-seal wad and a high-volume, barrel-protecting shot cup helps deliver a powerful load of rust-resistant, plated-steel shot to your target.

Hard-hitting plated steel shot

Drylok Super Steel Wad keeps powder dry for consistent velocities

Lacquered primer aids water resistance and reliability

Super X ® Xpert ® HV Winchester Super X Xpert HV shotshells offer a true breakthrough in high- performance, value-priced, steel loads built to meet the increasing demand for lower-cost, nontoxic loads for waterfowl shooting. A proprietary shot manufacturing process and a specially designed shot cup deliver optimum performance at an affordable price.

Proven quality, value priced

Available in 12 and 20 gauge offerings High velocity loads for hard-hitting performance


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