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See page 28 for the full line-up of Winchester upland and small game loads along with detailed ballistics information.

ENGINEERED FOR UPLAND & SMALL GAME Whether you’re working corn stubble fields for wild flying pheasants or pushing timber for small game like rabbits or squirrels, Winchester has honed its shotshell technology and has a load with the right shot size and precise performance needed for your hunt.

Rooster XR ® Rooster XR features Shot-Lok Technology, which utilizes a hardened resin to help copper-plated lead shot resist deformation upon firing. Less deformation results in more pellets and better penetration downrange. It’s the perfect load for upland hunters in need of an advantage when shooting ringnecks at longer ranges.

Shot-Lok’s hardened resin helps copper-plated lead shot resist deformation upon firing 10% more penetration at 50 yards over standard lead loads

Twice the pellets on target at 60 yards than standard pheasant loads

Super X ® Super X is one of the most diverse and proven lines of shotshells in history and brings with it decades of shotshell know-how packed in every hull. The Super X line boasts nearly 20 offerings that are ideal for upland and small game hunters across North America. Super X offers the best mix of in-the- field or on-the-range quality with off-the-shelf value.

Excellent quality and value

Available in 12, 16, 20, 28 and 410

Wide selection of offerings for every hunter

Walk Among Legends Nearly 70 years ago, John M. Olin took more than 600 acres of Illinois farmland and turned it into a wildlife oasis. He created an ideal place to raise and train the best Labradors that ever flushed a pheasant or retrieved a duck, including the legendary King Buck. He called it NILO, dedicating it to unsurpassed hunting, sport shooting and wildlife conservation. Over the years, stars, celebrities, avid outdoorsmen and legendary writers would enjoy Mr. Olin’s hospitality at NILO. To this day it is still considered one of the most prestigious hunting and shooting preserves in the nation. Hunters from the public now have the chance to walk in their footsteps through a variety of hunting packages, including pheasant, chukar and waterfowl.

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