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See page 20 for the full line-up of Winchester personal defense centerfire rifle ammunition and page 24 for personal defense handgun ammunition along with detailed ballistics information.

Winchester continues to offer the most comprehensive lineup of personal defense ammunition products. Across all lines, rifle, handgun, shotgun and rimfire, Winchester builds products with innovation and expertise.

Shown here in 10 MM

Hollow Point expands up to 1.5X the original diameter resulting in maximum stopping power

Low flash powder allows easier target acquisition for follow-up shots in low light settings Proprietary Bonding process welds jacket to lead resulting in improved penetration and retained weight

Defender ® Defender is Winchester’s most comprehensive line of ammunition for personal defense. Made with the most advanced threat-stopping technology, Defender handgun rounds are loaded with hollow-point bullets made from a proprietary bonding process and feature a notched jacket.

Greater muzzle energy than 357 Magnum (10 MM only) Notched jacket expands into six uniform segments

Shown here in 9 MM

Full metal jacket provides positive functioning and no expansion

USA Generations of legendary excellence, consistent performance and outstanding value continues with Winchester® “USA White Box”. Available in all popular calibers for recreational and target shooting needs.

Consistent accuracy, trusted for target and range shooting Reduced barrel fouling means fewer cleanings and more range time

Project Childsafe Owning a firearm, whether for target shooting, hunting or personal protection, is a right every law-abiding American enjoys. It comes

with an ongoing commitment to safety and responsibility — something that should be fully understood before buying and storing a firearm in the home. This is at the heart of the Project Childsafe message: “Own It? Respect It. Secure It.” To help, Project Childsafe provides a “road map” of the milestones toward responsible gun ownership that should be considered. Following these guidelines can help you be a responsible firearms owner and obey the many laws regarding purchasing, ownership, storage and use. By doing so, you will be contributing to a culture of firearm safety that has produced a dramatic decline in firearms accidents. Learn more and get started today at


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