TRK_910074_Brochure - Thermo Top Evo

Delivering the Best Return-On-Investment

Did You Know? By adding a Webasto Idle Reduction Device, you can save thousands of dollars each year in fuel.

The Alternative to Idling n Vehicles are meant to be driven, not idled n Idling a vehicle for warmth or cooling: – Wastes fuel – Wears out the engine

Webasto Makes Your Business More Profitable Driving a truck isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s a rolling business. Whether you have one truck or a large fleet, the most important components to keeping your business healthy are minimizing fuel costs, maintenance costs, and avoiding fines. Webasto provides complete engine-off bunk heating and engine pre-heating solutions that do just that, while providing one of the fastest returns on investment.

– Produces harmful emissions – Decreases to DPF performance – May be against the law


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