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SmarTemp Control 3.0 Bluetooth Next Level Temperature Management of Webasto Air & Coolant Heaters

SmarTemp Control 3.0 Bluetooth Part Number: 5013874A

On/Off Button

Ergonomic Comfort Dial

Smart Indicator LED’s n Red for Heat Mode n Blue for Vent Mode* n Blinking Red for Fault Codes n Low Voltage Alert

Ambient Temperature*

Heater On Icon

Set Temperature*

Select Button

Temperature Sensor*

SmarTemp Control 3.0 Part Number: 5013873Aa

*Product display and noted features are applicable when managing Webasto air heaters. **Bluetooth Logo indicates funcionality on SmarTemp Control 3.0 Bluetooth only and is not an activation button.

SmarTemp Control 3.0 Bluetooth Additional Features:

SmarTemp Control 3.0 Features:

n Works with both air and coolant heaters n Ventilation mode available for air heater n Programmable within 7 day period n Adjustable run times n Large backlit LCD screen n English, French, Spanish Language options n Displays heater fault codes n Adjustable low voltage disconnect n Password Protection n Maintenance reminder to start heater every 30 days

n Diagnostic capabilities built into Webasto App* n Manage and control heater function via Webasto App* n Define settings and preferences within Webasto App* n Link to for support n Personalized heater naming or image upload n Program multiple vehicles within the Webasto App by export/import of user settings file*

* When in range of Bluetooth device

ALL NEW Bluetooth Connection to the Webasto SmarTemp 3.0 App

Easily download the Webasto App to your device to combine the technology of Bluetooth with the SmarTemp Control 3.0. A quick glance at the App will show ambient temperature for air heater only along with battery voltage, as well as the ability to view full controller settings of Bluetooth connected heater. Effortlessly manage heater diagnostics with the ability to troubleshoot and clear error codes, as well as reporting capabilities for warranty purposes. Access content, including a list of error codes and heater management tools. Other features include a link to for trouble shooting, install/user manuals, service locations and contact information.

Download for FREE the Webasto SmarTemp Control 3.0 App


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