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Thinking beyond just a playground or park bench, we’re dedicated to providing health, well-being, friendship, and fun. With customer-focused industry expertise and a collection of premium recreational products, we can help you create opportunities to cultivate health and wellness for the entire community. Inclusion Play environments that break down both physical barriers to access and social barriers to participation can unite communities in meaningful ways. Shade Protection Not only can shade be used to protect play equipment, it can also be used in other areas of your park such as seating areas, bleachers, dog parks, and more. Physical Development As children play, they develop important developmental milestones while they explore climbers, panels, slides, swings, and more. Cultivating health & wellness



of the public considers high-quality park and recreation amenities important factors when choosing a new place to live*



*2019 Engagement with Parks Report, Conducted by the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA)

park environment With our customer-focused industry expertise, we help parks and recreation facilities create outdoor recreational environments that encourage community wellness, physical activity, and equity, all while cultivating community. Discover how easy it is to furnish your next outdoor space by utilizing all of our product lines. Building Your




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FACT: By adding a new inclusive playground , Ellis Park is able to provide the community with a place for unity and connection .

The playground at Ellis Park in Salisbury, N.C. had served the community for over 25 years. While it provided ramp access, there was not anything else that encouraged inclusive play. Many elements were outdated and replacement parts were no longer available. The mulch surfacing was not ideal for wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Additionally, Ellis Park is home to the Therapeutic Recreation Program, which ensures the availability of recreation programs for individuals with disabilities. According to 2014 data, Rowan County has 12-15 children with disabilities per 1,000 residents. Needless to say, this playground was in need of an upgrade. Thanks to a grant won in 2017, Rowan County Parks and Recreation was able to upgrade this outdated playground into one that children of all abilities can use. Our SRP Certified Partner, Superior Recreation of the Carolinas, worked with the Rowan County Parks and Recreation Department to design a themed inclusive playground. The design includes a large ramped structure with access to meaningful play activities, swing set with accessible seats, Inclusive Orbit, and poured-in-place surfacing.

The playground is surrounded by beautiful trees, which was the inspiration for creating a nature theme. The tree post toppers and green and brown color scheme were added to match the natural surroundings. This playground helps to bring the community together. “Ellis Park is a beacon of unity and connection for this community. The equipment that was previously here was over 25 years old and it was not accessible for any person with a disability. So there was a tremendous need for new playground equipment,” Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor Vernice Clyburn said. More that just access, this playground allows children of all abilities to be included. All children are able to engage in their right to play and they are able to develop crucial physical, social, and emotional skills. From the multiple access points to integrated play events, this inclusive playground was designed for children of all abilities.


Out of the many inclusive play items, the Inclusive Orbit was a community favorite.

“This piece of equipment is like a magnet to our guests in the park. It is truly an all-inclusive piece of equipment and I would include [it] on any future projects that we will have,” Director of Parks and Recreation for Rowan County Don Bringle said.





FACT: By adding new play equipment, Dennis the Menace Park was renovated to modern standards while honoring its historic roots .

Dennis the Menace Park first opened on July 11, 1959 in Midland, Texas. It was modeled after a park on the west coast that was based on the Dennis the Menace comic strip created by Hank Ketcham. Generations of locals and visitors made memories enjoying the historical equipment. Dennis the Menace Park has been around for 60 years and the community made many memories enjoying the original play equipment at this park. The challenge was to bring the park’s playgrounds up to modern safety standards and refresh its look while honoring its many beloved memories. “Many kids in west Texas, not just Midland, but all over the Permian Basin grew up playing in this park. It has a lot of memories for a lot of people,” Assistant Community Service Director Laurie Williams said. “There were a lot of challenges trying to preserve people’s memories, holding on to some of the old while mixing it with something new, so we hope we’ve done that.” The Dennis the Menace comic inspired themes for the playgrounds include baseball, western, tree house, and airplane themed structures. We incorporated custom Dennis the Menace graphics into each play structure that include characters from the comic including Dennis Mitchell and Mr. Wilson. The western town themed structure features custom facades including a Midland Inn, jail, and ACME Dry Goods Store. This theme is carried out with two horse spring riders and a stage coach playhouse. The treehouse structure is designed with two sides: a tree and a shack that are connected by an arch bridge and a net tunnel. The baseball

theme structure features lots of custom themed elements including a Ketcham Field panel, stadium light toppers, base plate toppers, and a ball park facade.

“All four playgrounds here at Dennis the Menace Park have their own unique theming, which ties back to the original cartoon in some way,” Western Distribution Manager for Superior Recreational Products Josh Thayer said. “If I were to pick one unique feature it would be the airplane structure. Virtually everybody here has some story that relates back to the original airplane. The new airplane is probably the most single unique feature that we have.” What’s more, the airplane structure is designed with a wide ramp throughout so children with and without mobility devices can play together. The entire park was created to include play equipment for children of all ages and abilities. With its deep roots in the Midland community, generations of Midlanders grew up playing in this park, so revitalizing this park adds great value to Midland. “Dennis the Menace Park is the jewel of the Permian Basin. This is important because playgrounds are the corporate offices for children,” Councilman John B Love said. “It’s where kids learn to play fair, be kind, share, respect others, and learn how to get along with other people. It’s where the first life lessons about socializing are formed. This is by far the most important office space in the city of Midland. Thanks to you Midlanders, city staff, and city council, kids business is now open.”





FACT: By adding a much-needed inclusive play environment , SENSES Park was thoughtfully designed for children with autism .

In an effort to fulfill a great need within the community, Osceola County created SENSES Park in Kissimmee, Fla. Unlike most playgrounds, this park was designed to be a truly inclusive play space catered to children with autism just like Danny Roger’s 3.5-year-old grandson. “My grandson thoroughly enjoyed the experience and did not want to leave,” Rogers said. “It was good for him in that if he got uncomfortable, he could go to another part of the play area, where most inclusive playgrounds tend to confine children to a limited space.”

accessible merry-go-round, musical play instruments, sand box, and site furnishings.

The musical play area is a key focal point of the park. Each instrument is designed to be harmonious, so they can be played individually or together as a small orchestra.

In addition to the play equipment, one very important part of SENSES Park is the poured in place rubber surfacing. Not only is it great for accessibility, it is also designed with different colors to designate different areas of the playground. It also has a unique texture, which adds to the sensory play experience. “Every component in the playground is meant to elicit an intentional and unique play experience either individually, with the child’s caregiver, or in a social or cooperative setting,” Verdone said. Mindick said the most important feature was creating spaces with limited social experience. This was done by providing separation between play items to allow room for self-exploration and to limit outside stresses. What’s more, SENSES Park creates a nice balance of design, spacing, play equipment, landscaping, and sound to best cater to an inclusive environment. “The community immediately embraced the park, complimenting us for taking the time to understand the various and broad issues related to autism and putting that knowledge into our design of the park,” Mindick said.

Our SRP Certified Partner KorKat designed and installed a multi-sensory play environment that promoted differences and similarities in children’s play abilities.

In creating this design, KorKat Design Consultant Josh Verdone made multisensory play a top priority by incorporating components and different play quadrants that were unique to children of varying abilities and sensory needs. “From the very beginning we believed quite strongly that every child should have the opportunity to play outdoors. We realized our current playground inventory was incomplete,” Director of Parks and Public Lands Robert Mindick said.

This inclusive playground consists of a variety of play equipment including a compact structure with safe challenges, freestanding climbers, swing, wheelchair





FACT: By adding a marsh themed structure , Fort Anahuac Park was able to create a playground that reflected the rich history of the community.

Just outside of Houston, Texas is Fort Anahuac Park in the historic and beautiful city of Anahuac. SRP Certified Partner Kraftsman, along with Superior Recreational Products, worked with Chambers County Parks Department to add a new playground. This community has a lot of history. The site of the park served as headquarters for soldiers of the Mexican army and eventually events of the Texas Revolution. Additionally, the area has surrounding marshes, a big fishing community, and is home to the annual alligator festival – attracting thousands each year. With this rich history, David Ondrias, Senior Design and Sales Consultant at Kraftsman, took this opportunity to add a playground that reflected the community. “My professional work with Kraftsman and my personal interests in the fishing and conservation aspects of this area… really drove the planning and concept you see here today,” Ondrias said. The marsh theme play environment, inspired by the area’s marshes and one of Superior’s most popular playground structures, makes a great addition to Fort Anahuac Park. The steel playground features many themed elements including a spiral climber with lily pad accents and towering cattails – all elements that will allow children to be swamped with fun. All the elements of this playground draws inspiration from the great outdoors.

The park includes many amenities such as birding towers, a boat ramp, and nature trails. Fulfilling the need to add additional play facilities within the county for children and families, the Chambers County Parks Department sought to renovate the park. “I’m very pleased with the way the playground has turned out. It’s a great addition to our park,” Assistant Park Superintendent Kirk Sherman said. “The features sum up what this park is really about and it turned out really nice.”

The park chose a marsh themed structure over a traditional playground structure because it complements the surrounding area.

“I just greatly appreciate all the effort that everybody’s put into this and I think the playground will serve the community greatly for years to come,” County Commissioner of Precinct 1 Jimmy Gore said.



What Your Peers Are Saying About Superior Recreational Products

I just greatly appreciate all the effort that everybody’s put into this and I think the playground will serve the community greatly for years to come. Jimmy Gore COUNTY COMMISSIONER PRECINCT 1 | ANAHUAC, TEXAS

The community is happy with the new playground and it has been a great addition to our park. Thanks again to Superior for their excellent professionalism and product. Darren Lewis ASSISTANT DIRECTOR MOUNT AIRY PARKS & REC. DEPT.

We have always used Superior products because of their high quality and affordability and we recommend them to our clients. Robert Loftis ASSOCIATE ARCHITECT MRWM LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS

In my opinion, Superior went above and beyond in their support of this project from design to engineering and fabrication. Ray Bown SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER WHARTON-SMITH



Frequently Asked questions We’re here to help! We’ve compiled a few of our commonly asked questions. If you need additional assistance, let us know.

Why choose Superior? For nearly three decades, Superior has been cultivating communities, enriching lives, and allowing people to focus on what matters most. With our extensive collection of steel and recycled play lines, we are committed to enriching the community at parks like yours. Superior has a critical role in engaging social and emotional development as well as physical benefits. We give children an opportunity to let their imaginations soar on the playground. Together, we can create spaces where friendships are made and memories are created. It’s time to come play. relax. live. We reimagine how children play You want choices. We’ve got them, along with the design expertise to take your ideas and make them real. Whether you want long-lasting steel, recycled materials that stand up to harsh salt air, an elaborate theme, or something entirely different, let’s combine your imagination with our expertise and together we can reimagine the way children play. We use quality materials At Superior, we only use quality playground materials — whether you’re purchasing a musical instrument or a full structure. Proudly manufactured in the USA, our products are built to last and provide fun for years to come. Safety is our top priority Our commitment to safety is reflected in each phase of our planning process — from our materials to our strategic 6-foot obstruction-free zones. All of our products meet or exceed standards set forth by the respectable organizations in our industry such as IPEMA and the U.S. Access Board. Our unwavering dedication to inclusion The benefits of bringing your community together with an inclusive playground are immeasurable. Inclusive play environments provide unique opportunities for children of all ages and abilities to engage in their right to play. Outdoor play environments that break down both physical barries to access and social barriers to participation can unite communities in meaningful ways. We create complete recreational environments With our customer-focused industry expertise, we help parks create complete outdoor recreational environments to help promote physical and mental health, well-being, friendship, and fun. Discover how easy it is to furnish your playground by utilizing all of our product lines.


Purchasing Contracts Superior makes it easy to buy by having purchasing contracts with organizations like BuyBoard, HGACBuy, and GSA Advantage just to name a few. See all of our purchasing programs.

How much does a playground cost? While every playground project is different, each of our steel playground clients can expect certain costs while planning for your new playground. • 7% to 15% Freight • 22% to 40% Installation


Who should be involved? The more involved, the more fun! Be sure to include important stakeholders within your community.


• 20% to 50% Product • 20% to 90% Surfacing

What are some ways to secure funds? Partnerships For Play Planning a successful crowdfunding campaign for a new park playground can be difficult and time-consuming. We’ve made it easy with our Partnerships For Play crowdfunding program, which is designed in four phases over eight weeks. The program works with you and your SRP Certified Partner to plan and execute a successful campaign. Start raising money! Grant Guide We’ve compiled an over 100-page guide of nation- and state-specific grants to help fund your park playground. Each grant resource includes the name of the grant, the organization funding the grant, the award amount, deadlines, and more. Check it out!


How long will it take? While it depends on many factors, an average project can take 12 weeks. Your SRP Certified Partner will work with your school to ensure your playground meets your needs and budget. Quick Ship Playgrounds If you’re looking to add a new playground to your park quickly, check out the play structures available in our quick ship program. These hand-selected structures are ready to ship within five business days! Models are available for children ages 2-5, 2-12, and 5-12 and are available in our most popular color schemes. Let us know if you want to learn more!




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