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March 2018


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This is something we in the PT industry see a lot — folks dealing with sports injuries who want nothing more than to get back in the action. In these cases, honesty is always the best policy. As much as we want to maintain the optimism of our patients, the last thing they need is to push themselves too hard and make their injury worse. Whether or not my daughter’s injury would heal in time for the tournament was up in the air. There are some advantages to having a physical therapist for a dad. It just so happened that a few weeks prior, Cornerstone PT had gotten its first Class IV laser. Using this new hardware, we managed to reduce the wrist swelling substantially. Throughout her treatment, my daughter kept practicing. Her coach accommodated her, allowing her to do conditioning training with the rest of the team, as well as showing her some one-handed batting exercises. Where other 12-year-olds would see an excuse to stay home from practice, she was more driven than ever before. My daughter has never been one for taking the easy road. In fact, the reason she chose to join the team she’s on is because of the intensity of their training regimen. Joining this club meant leaving the friends she’s known and played with for years, and it also meant she’d have to give up other sports so she could train year-round. She was ready to make these sacrifices, because it meant she could grow as a player. Ultimately, the wrist healed, and she was able to play in the tournament. My wife and I could not be prouder of her drive, dedication, and maturity. More importantly, her smile when we were at the airport let me know that she is proud of herself. That’s what matters most of all.

I’ve talked a lot in this newsletter about my daughter’s involvement in softball. She’s always been a hardworking athlete, and her drive is enough to make any father proud. But this past year, and the last two months especially, her dedication has been nothing short of inspiring. The start of the 2018 softball season begins with a Presidents Day tournament in Florida. My daughter talked about this event all winter, using it to motivate her through offseason training. By January, her excitement was palpable. Then, a bat slammed into her wrist. “Where other 12-year-olds would see an excuse to stay home from practice, she was more driven than ever before.” The injury was bad enough to send her to the ER. Thankfully, the X-rays showed that there were no fractures, although the swelling and contusions were significant. Despite the pain, my daughter only cared about one thing: Was her catching hand going to be okay for the tournament?

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