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Evelyn Hall, PT

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What do you like about working at One to One? I love what the company purpose is. Our purpose is to help our patients feel better and enjoy their lives. We handleourpatientswiththeutmostrespectandmotivate them to get better. Our job is to help our patients feel better mentally, as well as physically. We do that by making our patients feel special, we treat them with kindness andworkhard toput asmileon their face.Our entire team iscommitted to thispatientexperience.Not onlydowetakecareofourpatients,wetakecareofeach other. We are a group that works together and nurtures a positive environment for each other. It is a group that is “all in” and committed to excellence. I love my team!! What do you strive to do each day for patients and fellow co-workers to make it a better day for them? I love interacting with the patients and getting to know eachoneofthem individually.Buildingwonderfulrapport with the patients, keeping it light and fun can help the patient feel more comfortable and supported while receiving treatmentwhichdefinitelymake thedaybetter for everyone. My fellow co-workers and I really strive to work together to provide comprehensive care to help patients feel their best. A patient’s results are a direct reflection of the care they have been provided, which makes itsso important formeasaphysical therapist to also communicate health and wellness support. All too often with treatment we overlook the fundamentals of healthy livingwhichstartswithnutrition.Sincewellness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, it’s key to educate patients to the best of our abilities to keep them living a happier and healthier lifestyle.

• Staff Spotlight • 6 Nutrition Tips For A Healthy Summer • Workout Safely This Summer • Sudoku • Referral Club Our goal is to serve you with such a great experience that you: 1. Thank the person who sent you here AND 2. Refer people that you care about to us

What do you do for fun? A small secret about myself is I love to dance! I truly lovespendingmyweekendssocializingwithfriendsand family and I try to go out dancing whenever I get the chance.Being able toexpress yourself throughdancing isagreatwaytorelievestressaswellasexercise inafun environment. Ialsoenjoygoing to thebeachandplaying an occasional game of volleyball with my co-workers. One of the greatest benefits about working with such a wonderful team is not only are they great co-workers but even better friends. Tell us about your family and the greatest moment you experienced with them: I have two beautiful daughters and a very supportive and loving family.The greatest moments I experienced with my daughters was their births. But since then, the everyday moments are the most special. I love playing games, and reading them books as often as possible. It is amazing to observe the development of a child, and when it is yours, its MAGIC!

We Get Remarkable Results For:

• Vestibular Issues • Vertigo • Poor Balance • Stiffness • Muscle spasms

• Injuries • Arthritis • Cervical spine disorders


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