OneFamily - Lifetime Mortgages

Navigating the three stages of retirement

Here at OneFamily, we believe that the stage your customer is at in retirement makes a big difference to the type of lifetime mortgage that’s right for them. Here’s a look at what we see as the three stages of retirement:

Early exciting years

Taking it easy years • Needs begin to change • No longer globe trotting • Want to move closer to family and friends • Potentially dealing with health issues • Lifestyle spending starts to slow down • Inheritance and legacy planning

Final years • Lifestyle spending slows down as energy levels drop • As health worsens, health costs could increase • Inheritance and legacy plans finalised

• New to retirement • Huge change from working life • Excitement but uncertainty • Financial worries • Want to enjoy their time - holidays, new interests, home improvements • Spending increases to fund activities

65 yrs

70 yrs

75 yrs

80 yrs

85 yrs

90 yrs

95 yrs

Customers in the ‘taking it easy’ and ‘final years’ will have a clearer sense of their retirement plans, making it slightly easier for them to commit to a long term financial decision like a traditional lifetime mortgage. But it’s hard for those in the early years to know what the first five or ten years of their retirement will look like. Will they experience good health and lots of exciting holidays and hobbies? Or poor health and relationship changes? Will they get bored and want to go back to work? All of these things can impact on the money your customers need and where they’ll want to live. That’s why at OneFamily, we offer a unique range of features with our lifetime mortgages to perfectly compliment the uncertainty that comes with this period in their lives.

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