OneFamily - Lifetime Mortgages

Flexibility really matters to your customers

The truth is no one really knows what retirement will bring, that’s why customers will often avoid making irrevocable financial decisions that they may regret later. That’s why all of our products come with flexible features that’ll help your customers feel much more comfortable choosing a lifetime mortgage.

✓ ✓ No affordability assessment ✓ ✓ Fixed or variable rate option

✓ ✓ Downsizing protection after 5 years ✓ ✓ Fixed early repayment charges for the first 10 years ✓ ✓ No early repayment charges after 10 years

Choose from three products

Interest Payment Customers are able to pay back up to 100% of the interest each month,

Voluntary Payment Customers are able to pay back up to 10% of the capital each year, with no early repayment charge or affordability assessment needed.

Interest Roll-up Customers make no payments to their loan and the interest is rolled-up through the life of the mortgage.

with no affordability assessment needed.

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