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The Alborzi Standard

September/October 2019


I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t excited for school to start. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy my

While the emphasis on memorization over understanding is important, it’s not the greatest problem with current

occur (think of the times when you start daydreaming or perhaps even fall asleep). My entire staff uses it, and it’s proven very successful in teaching all of us how to learn and study correctly and efficiently. It’s been genuinely empowering for all of us! If you have a child heading back to school this month or if you’re venturing off to college for the first time, my advice to you is to consider looking into L. Ron Hubbard’s “The Technology of Study.” If you’re a patient of mine, I’ll make it available to you so it can work the same wonders for you that it has for me and my team. My other piece of advice is to purchase a good dictionary. Because English is a second language for me, I always carry a dictionary. But I’ve been surprised to learn that a great number of people who grew up speaking English don’t take the time to look up difficult words. In order to fully understand what it is you are reading, you have to understand the words in all their forms and usages. It’s a simple but great tool, and I promise it will help with studying!

summers, but, whenever September came around each year, I was ready to ditch the yard

education methods. What’s worse is that students often have to adhere to this one way of learning. If they struggle to study for a quiz or test, then they’re essentially set up for failure. While I was one of the lucky ones for whom school came easy, I have a lot of sympathy for students battling their way through this type of instruction.

games and sunshine for a backpack filled with books. My

affinity for school has always interested me because, while I knew I needed several years of schooling to become a

doctor, my experience taking classes for such a big portion of my life helped me realize the biggest issue with our current education system. In all my years in school, from the elementary years through college, I’ve found that passing classes has become much more about basic memorization than genuine understanding. Instructors give students lectures and ask that they read several textbooks and test them on the material. Then the students are graded on their ability to recapitulate what they’ve read. There’s an inherent problem with this approach. Being able to circle the correct answer on a quiz or reciting a short essay answer from memory doesn’t demonstrate understanding; it only proves that student spent a lot of time reading and memorizing. This means when it comes time to actually utilize what you learn, many students end up falling short.

It’s part of the reason I started looking for an alternative after I started my practice. I’m a firm believer in lifelong learning, so, in order to keep up-to-date on the latest orthodontic procedures and technology, I knew I needed to figure out a way to ensure my team’s and my understanding of new material. That’s when I found L. Ron Hubbard’s “The Technology of

Study.” This amazing and extremely effective tool allows us to take a step back and reflect on the way we learn. We can break down the steps of studying to see where our struggles lie and the physiological responses our bodies emit when they

Good luck this year, students! Hope it’s the best one yet!

–Dr. Alexa Alborzi

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