CCI Newsletter 2 - 2021-2022

CCI Staying In Touch

We do our very best to reach out to our members where we have email addresses. If you are not receiving emails from us there may be a couple of reasons:

CCI has not been provided your email address Email the Administrator at ccisw@cci - to approve receiving email

Email was returned as undeliverable for a variety of reasons; If we received an “ undeliverable ”, we do remove the email address from our data. Please update as changes occur. The email is being routed to your SPAM folder A periodic check of your SPAM folder for a message from CCI Administrator <ccisw@cci -> to move the message from SPAM to your Inbox can solve the problem. Follow your email instructions on this task.

You may decide you don ’ t wish to receive our Communiqu es. Hopefully not, but if so, simply email us to let us know.

Condominium Connection to Education

Education is an investment in the future of your corporation . During these times when in - person meetings are not happening, opportunities to meet and network online with other owners, directors, professionals and trades who live and work in our communities can be helpful. We miss seeing you; however, public health guidelines will continue to dictate how we conduct our edu- cation events, just as they will continue to do so in your corporations and your businesses. Of course, we do crave some in - person connections, but we must continue to be patient so that we all remain safe and well. The chapter ’ s Education Committee and the Board of Directors will continue to develop actions to pro- gress and reach out to you to provide learning and other events. As we develop our presentations, we will notify you via an Email Communiqu e. If we do not have your Email address, continue to check out our website for updates here. - events/list - of - events Condominium Directors are reminded there are consequences for the corporation where a director does not complete the mandatory online Director Training provided by the Condominium Authority of Ontar- io (CAO) within 6 months of their appointment. Here is where you can access it: - training/ Offerings by CCI cannot be applied to the requirements by the CAO.

CCI Review 2021/2022 —November 2021 - 19

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