CCI Newsletter 2 - 2021-2022

According to CBC News (June 29, 2020) there was a large - scale theft of catalytic converters from an Ottawa fleet of Canada Post vehicles. They did not indicate the number. Many owners in condominiums park their cars in the driveway of their 2 - car garage or where parking is open – a potential gold mine, not to be imagined for an experienced thief. MORE VEHICLE AND CRIME PREVENTION MEASURES  Lock your vehicles. As simple as it sounds, it has a profound effect on minimizing car break - ins.  Don ’ t leave valuables in the vehicle – in plain view or otherwise, even if the vehicle is locked.  Lighting, lighting, lighting: park where the sight lines are strong.  Park in your garage if you have one.  Designated parking is considered better than general first come first serve, it re - enforces area qualifier.  Share crime news so people are aware – you can sign up here for daily crime alerts via email from the London Police Service.  Neighbourhood watch – areas that have a watch typically see a 17% average crime reduction.

 Don ’ t leave personal information of any kind in the vehicle  Call police if you see suspicious behavior on the property.

 Know your neighbours so you can differentiate between a resident or stranger about suspicious behaviour. Each and every time you experience a break - in, make an online report to the police. All you need is a valid email address to complete the online report process. Once you submit your report, the system will provide you with a reference number and a message that “ we will review your submission and email you the official report number. (You may need this number for an insurance claim.) Report here . ENCOURAGE RESIDENT PARTICIPATION IN CRIME REPORTING It is recommended that all residents on the property be encouraged to report every crime - related inci- dent to the board/condominium manager so that appropriate security measures can be carried out.

- TK

Protect Your Landscape in Winter By: Trish Kaplan, CCI (Hon ’ s)

We ’ ve been fortunate to have had sunshine and some good rainfalls over the past several months. We ’ ve enjoyed both and the lush green of trees and plants as a result. Was the rain enough to protect our trees and perennials as we approach a change of seasons? Some condominiums neglect budgeting for attractive landscapes on the common elements and inviting curb appeal. When landscaping investment has been made, it ’ s important to protect it all during the changes in seasons. Surviving a winter is likely to be difficult for newer plantings of perennials and trees. Now is a good time to consult with your arborist and landscape professionals to discuss protecting outdoor plants and trees during the winter. Trees Trees have numerous attributes that most of us take for granted. They clean the soil; control noise pollution; slow storm water runoff; acts as a carbon storage area; remove air pollution; lower air temperature reducing the need for air conditioning in the summer and lower heating costs in the winter

CCI Review 2021/2022 —November 2021 - 26

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