CCI Newsletter 2 - 2021-2022

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that are before us and to share their expertise among the various committees, including Education, Legislation, Ontario Caucus, Community, and more as needs arise. Last year, we moved to a fully - digital platform for our education and quarterly CCI Review . We expanded our social media offerings to include Instagram and LinkedIn. We began recognizing our long - standing members and summarizing the rulings of the Condominium Authority Tribunal for all to see online. We had a sold - out golf tournament with many great sponsors and have expanded our offerings to sponsors for our webinars. Keep an eye out for us in your local Coffee News , as we have a contest starting soon! We are looking forward to offering you more this year, as we have learned to adapt to new and ever - changing restrictions. We wish you all the best this season has to offer and hope you can find the time to continue joining us at our next events!

Jennifer Dickenson, President

Chapter Communiqué By: Trish Kaplan, CCI (Hons)

As time flies, we continue life saving strategies, each of us dealing with them in our own way. The pandemic continues to affect how we live and work. It hasn ’ t been easy by any stretch of the imagination. We agonize over the restrictions and isolation, worry about our own physical health and that of loved ones; stress about their careers, finances and more that may not have come to light yet. Boards, managers and contractors are doing their utmost to attend to long lists of projects to attend to, often with chal- lenges out of their control. They are approaching every obstacle with an eye to completing them as effectively and in the best manner possible for the communities. Contractors struggle with constraints in supply chains and the associated infla- tion to secure product. Weather events also make scheduling difficult to complete projects. The need for patience, understanding and kindness on all fronts continues to be fundamentally essential for us all. Unfor- tunately, too often we hear and read of exactly the opposite type of behaviour which creates even more stress to those on the receiving end of personal and hurtful attacks. While everyone is entitled to their feelings, response to others should always be respectful. We are all navigating many hurdles during these stressful and uncertain times. We also strive to better self - motivate, to make changes that will increase positive influences into our lives. While none of us can solve another ’ s challenges, we can, at the very least, be attentive and listen. Let the hero within us come out to heal ourselves and others. Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. (Helen Keller) None of us knows what the future holds. The phrase “ we don ’ t know what we don ’ t know ” will continue to be an honest reality as we maneuver through time and understanding of this pandemic. The need for teamwork was never more clear for home and work lives. On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you to all of you, who have shared your expertise and steered us through a path to better operating processes and procedures. Thanks to all of you who continue to participate in what we have to offer. We appreciate the opportunities to share and help lay the course for the future. Each day brings opportunities to celebrate, perhaps not like we used to, but nevertheless there are many moments that inspire us to hope. As we approach seasons of change and the multinational festivities that are observed in the upcoming months, we wish you joy and the treasure of memories you can experience and share.

We look forward to seeing you in 2022 and wish you the hope of positive renewal and dreams for all.

As we approach the holiday season, on behalf of the members of the CCI Board of Directors,

May your every celebration be bright and filled with good health, peace, love, and joy!

CCI Review 2021/2022 —November 2021 - 3

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