Boomers and Beyond March 2023

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Kevin ‘Coach Mac’ MacIntyre For about four and a half years now, we have been featuring a Volunteer of the Month in Boomers & Beyond magazine, and while these volunteers have many things in common, like a commitment to make their community a little bit better, one thing I have noticed is the number of teachers we have profiled. This month is no exception as we chatted with Kevin MacIntyre or ‘Coach Mac’ as he is known. Kevin was nominated for his work with the Port Stanley Minor Hockey Association (PSMHA) where he works as a coach for the Under Seven and Under Nine teams. Kevin was a teacher at Parkside Collegiate Institute for most of his career and coached football, hockey, volleyball, basketball and the only sport he was originally certified for, gymnastics. He retired in February 2017, but even retired, you can’t keep a good coach off the gridiron, as Kevin not only volunteers his time to coach the kids’ hockey in Port Stanley, but also still coaches football at Parkside. “I never left,” he says. “That’s number one: I never left the kids. Even to this day, I’ll go watch a Parkside basketball game or a Parkside wrestling meet or hockey game, because my junior football players are on one of those teams, and I’m going to support the kids.” Later in his career, Kevin admitted to his students that he gets as much out of them as they do out of him. “I feel it’s best to be honest with my students. I would say, ‘I need you guys. You are kind of like my drug -- I need teenage adrenaline’.” Kevin explains one of his skills for coaching was his ability to connect with his kids. He would say, ‘I survived the day till 3:30. Then, I get to do what I really like, same as you guys.’ “The kids could relate to that – ‘I do my job, but then I get to have fun out here with you guys’.” Coach Mac says he got involved with the PSMHA because he wanted to teach kids the fundamentals of the game.

He still uses the Howie Meeker school of training, and while most kids these days have never even heard of Mr. Meeker, Kevin says his teachings are still the foundation of hockey skills. Even though he has no family ties to any of the kids he coaches, he says he likes to adopt each of them for an hour each week so they become his kids. Through his decades of coaching and teaching, Kevin says he has worked with a lot of children of kids he used to coach and he loves to see how many of them have turned into amazing adults who now also give of their time. “I love seeing the coaches -- kids that I coached and how they react to their kids. Sometimes I will be on the ice with a former football player who says to me, ‘I can’t believe my kid’s not doing that’. Meanwhile, I’m thinking to myself, ‘Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because you were just like that in grade nine’.” Coach Mac even has a few words to inspire some of our readers: “What would I say to inspire someone to volunteer? I would say, ‘Have some confidence in your skill set and your experience and put it out there’!”



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