Kids In Crisis FY22 Annual Report



Dear Friends, Donors and Colleagues,

In response to the exponential rise of mental health crises in children, Kids In Crisis has launched plans this year to dramatically expand our services and programs to help protect the well-being of our communities’ youth. Our goal is to impact 25,000 Connecticut children by 2025, and we’re well on our way. The cornerstone of our program portfolio is our 24/7 emergency Helpline. Whether an individual or family is in the throes of crisis, or simply questioning how to avoid one, everyone is encouraged to call and talk to our trained crisis counselors. Our Helpline calls have

to overwhelmed school counseling departments. Student populations and families connect with our TeenTalk counselors and look forward to seeing them for support during the school year. Overall, 87% of those who have used our TeenTalk program this scal year, reported that they were extremely satised with the service, and Ohio Scales (brief measures of outcome for youth receiving mental health services) indicate over 15% improvement in problem severity and functioning scores after our assistance. We’re very proud of our dedicated team of clinicians and counselors who work so hard and so strategically, on behalf of these kids.

This scal year, our Lighthouse LQBTQ+ youth support group has seen growth and change throughout the community. We’re enjoying the thriving Stamford group meetings and are re-launching our groups in Greenwich and Westport to become well-attended support circles for our young friends. Over 85% of our Lighthouse teens have reported reduced feelings of loneliness and depression, 71% gained a sense of community, and 57% enjoyed a weekly break from a stressful home environment. Those statistics make us proud and drive our commitment to program-expansion.

increased more than 21% from the last scal year. In addition, as word is shared about our service to the community, our outside of Faireld County calls have increased over 25%. This organic spread of awareness is bolstered by our marketing and communication eorts, however, it is a true armation that the community is talking about our services, how we have helped or can help, and sharing our contact information with others in need. No matter where a call originates from, we are ready and available to render aid or a referral to nd help in the caller’s area.

This scal year we hosted 1,006 bed nights for SafeHaven residents in our care, which was a strong re-entry into life-as- we-knew it, before pandemic health mandates. We’re opening ten more beds in our facility and hiring additional sta to meet the growing need. Our corporate partners and donors have generously helped us refresh and refurnish our shelter. We’re grateful for the assistance and proud to host children in such a warm and welcoming environment, built from the eorts of so many generous supporters. TeenTalk and ClubTalk continue to be our widest net for outreach in the community. Our program has grown as welcome

As an agency, Kids In Crisis has seen overall growth with 21 new employees hired this scal year. We’re enjoying the inux of new energy, new ideas, and new approaches to achieve our mission of building healthy communities where children and families thrive through prevention, counseling, and crisis services available 24-hours, every day. We thank all of you who have contributed to this growth of service. With your continued support, we will easily achieve our goal of 25,000 children served by 2025. Thank you for being a partner in this eort and helping to protect Connecticut’s greatest asset – our children.

in-house support to 16 high schools and middle schools in Faireld County, and we have inquiries for placement in additional towns. Our masters-level counselors held over 6,500 individual counseling sessions this scal year and almost 1,800 parent/guardian/family support sessions. The sheer number of students we’re assisting who are dealing with anxiety, conict, and social and academic pressure has a signicant impact on the community and serves as a very necessary support

Shari L. Shapiro Executive Director

Stan Galanski Chairman of the Board

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