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“We selected STS to undertake a safety culture project . STS delivered successfully, in a timely manner and to a high standard. We would definitely recommend STS for safety related project work.”

“No-one has taken the time to understand our catering offer quite like STS”

“Efficient, effective, reliable and flexible. STS’s approach helps educate and motivate our store managers and their teams to focus on food safety and improve performance.”

“We are delighted with the work STS carry out for us. Unlike other providers they feel like a true partner who put our site teams at ease .”

“Through Simply Safe Net , we are safeguarding our business and doing the right thing by our customers”



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THE COMPLETE PACKAGE As part of the ELAS Group we’re the only UK provider to offer total business support in one convenient place. Our services include food safety, employment law, health & safety, occupational health, health surveillance, training, absence management and payroll. GIVING YOU THE A-TEAMOF AUDITORS Our auditors have won national best auditor accolades and we’re proud to demonstrate our commitment to excellence with our membership of the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology. WORKING HAND IN HANDWITH YOU We are people focused and passionate about working alongside your teams. We listen to what you need and we’re driven to get the results that you deserve. We’ll integrate with your team, working with them to strengthen and build a positive food safety culture.

With the ELAS Group you get the complete package with one trusted provider: HR & Employment Law Health & Safety

Occupational Health Health Surveillance Food Safety Absence Management Payroll Training & e-Learning

For more information on these services please see our range of brochures: ELAS HR Support ELAS Health & Safety ELAS Occupational Health & Health Surveillance ELAS Training & e-Learning 4

We’re here to tailor a simple and affordable food safety solution specific to your business. ABOUT US


For the last 30 years, we have led the way when it comes to best practice and setting industry standards. We’ve run projects on behalf of the Food Standards Agency and have set the code of practice for food supply into the NHS. international chains to local cafes, pop up restaurants, market stalls and takeaways. We take away the headache of food safety compliance, advising and implementing smarter ways tomanage food. We go the extra mile to help your business achieve the highest hygiene ratings, keeping you head and shoulders above your competition. We work with food suppliers and manufacturers fromnational to 6

Whether you’re just setting up your business or are long established, have one site or a hundred, we’re here to help you achieve and maintain the highest standards of food safety. FOOD SERVICE



HEALTH & SAFETY As well as offering a full suite of food safety services, as part of the ELAS Group, we can also provide your business with unrivalled health and safety support. We’re able to carry out your food and health and safety audits at the same time, meaning disruption is kept to a minimum. For more information on our health & safety services please see our health & safety brochure. TRAINING From classroom courses to bespoke e-learning, accredited courses to on-site training, we consult with you to develop a training programme that fits your business perfectly. For more information on our training services please see our training brochure.

Our approach to creating HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) based food safety management systems (FSMS) is to keep things simple, yet safe. We avoid the traditional off-the-shelf approach as we tailor each FSMS to the specific needs of your company. When creating your FSMS we work with your team, looking at everything from raw ingredient purchase right through to final service, ensuring that effective control measures are created for any food safety hazard(s) identified. We also provide you with Simply Safe Net, our online food safety management tool that safely stores all your FSMS documentation. FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Simply Safe Net is our online food safety management tool that organises your audit and inspection reports. It provides you with the tools to log accidents, food complaints and EHO visits as well as record internal audits. 8

AUDITS Food safety audits are a vital part of any food business and shouldn’t be feared. As well as helping youmaximise your food hygiene ratings, our auditors will provide valuable coaching to your teams. Our audits are tailored specifically to your business and can be reported through Simply Safe Net, enabling you to manage any corrective actions that have been identified as well as demonstrating the steps you have taken to achieve ongoing compliance. What’s more, businesses who score over 90% in their audit will be awarded our prestigious Certificate of Excellence.


Regardless of the size of your business, you need to be able to demonstrate that you and your suppliers have good food safety controls in place. Our online supplier certification management system is here to help you stay on track when it comes to your supplier’s third party certification. Our online tool allows you to check whether their certification is up to date, up for renewal or if there are any other issues with it. ADVICE AND SUPPORT Our teamof food safety consultants are some of the best in the business and they’re here to help you. Whether you have a simple question or are in need of in-depth advice, we’re here to help.



SIMPLY SAFE ENHANCED If you feel like you need a package that encompasses the best of what the ELAS Group has to offer, then Simply Safe Enhanced is your answer. In addition to the features of Simply Safe, you will also have access to: • Attendance Pro (our absence management solution) • Fire risk assessments • Template risk assessments • Health & safety audits and reports • Additional e-learning courses • ELAS Rewards (our employee benefit scheme) • 24 hour employment law advice line

SIMPLY SAFE Simply Safe is our food safety package designed specifically for SME’s to help ensure your business is food safe. Simply Safe includes: • Bespoke food safety management system • On-site coaching visits • L2 food safety e-learning • Food and health and safety advice and support • Employment law and occupational health advice and support • Simply Safe Net

For more information on our Simply Safe packages, please see our Simply Safe brochure. 10

Whether you’re amanufacturer, distributor or broker you need to be able to demonstrate that the food you supply is safe, legal and of high quality. We’re here to help. FOOD SUPPLIERS


SUPPLIER ASSESSMENTS We audit to our very own STS Food Safety Standards as well as the BRC Standards. Sometimes an off-the-shelf supplier assessment might not be what you or your clients are looking for. That’s why we will happily modify our supplier assessments to suit any existing requirements or systems you already have in place. HEALTH, SAFETY AND OCC HEALTH As part of the ELAS Group we are able to provide expert health & safety and occupational health services right to your door. With one of the largest fleets of mobile medical units in the UK, we keep disruption, costs and lost time to a minimum. For more information on our occupational health services, please see our ELAS OH brochure.


The implementation of a bespoke food safety management system is critical to ensuring food safety in your business. Whether you operate a food manufacturing, storage or brokerage operation we are experts in creating systems to suit STS or SALSA standards and achieve legal compliance.

TRAINING With our comprehensive library of training courses we’re confident that there’s one to fit your needs, whether you’re looking for a bespoke course delivered at your premises or a specialty e-learning course. For more information on our training courses please see our training brochure.

ADVICE AND SUPPORT It’s always beneficial to receive the help and advice of professionals. As a leading food safety consultancy, consider our team to be an extension of yours. Our consultants are only a phone call away and are always happy to help whether you’ve got a simple question about something that’s been bothering you, or need in-depth advice about a more complicated issue e.g. an allegation of food poisoning. We are here for you. FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Simply Safe Net is our online food safety management tool that organises your audit and inspection reports. This innovative software frees up your time, reducing the need for unnecessary paperwork and lengthymanual processes.



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