POY Teen Handbook - English


One-third of all teen deaths involving alcohol are a result of underage drunk driving. Simple solution: If teens don’t drink, then they won’t drink and drive. Never Get in a Car with a Drinking Driver But what if my ride is someone who has been drinking? There is only one answer: don’t get in the car! Missing curfew or the inconvenience of finding another ride is so not worth the risk – even if you’ve been a passenger with a drinking driver and made it home ok before. That doesn’t mean you will be safe the next time. “But at least I’m not drinking and driving.” You may not be, but others are.

Jed’s Story, 17, Tennessee After a night of drinking, Jed’s friend wanted to drive home. Jed couldn’t convince his friend to not drive, so Jed hopped in the car to try and help. Instead the car crashed; Jed died but his friend survived.


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