POY Teen Handbook - English


Be sure you have identified a trusted adult that will support you and help you be safe. They are on your side and want to protect you. Ideally your trusted adult is a parent, but if that’s not the case consider these options:

•Aunt or Uncle •Grandparent •School Resource Officer or Nurse •Pastor, Minister or Counselor

Older siblings or friends may not be the best choice because they may not take your concerns seriously or support your decisions. Growing up can be tough sometimes. Adults are more equipped with experience than people only a few years older, to help you work through tough situations, like dealing with alcohol.

Adults Make Mistakes, Too

When teens feel they have their parents’ approval to drink alcohol, they tend to drink more—and more often—outside the home. Parents or other adults may offer you alcohol or offer to buy it for you. If that happens, you have power to take a stand and say, “no thanks.”


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