Honors Geometry Companion Book, Volume 1

2.1.4 Biconditional Statements and Definitions − Worksheet

Example 1: Write the conditional statement and converse within each biconditional. 1. Perry can paint the entire living room if and only if he has enough paint.

2. Your medicine will be ready by 5 p . m . if and only if you drop your prescription off by 8 a . m .

Example 2: For each conditional, write the converse and a biconditional statement. 3. If a student is a sophomore, then the student is in the tenth grade.

4. If two segments have the same length, then they are congruent.

Example 3: Determine if each biconditional is true. If false, give a counterexample. 5. xy = 0 ↔ x = 0 or y = 0.

6. A figure is a quadrilateral if and only if it is a polygon.

Example 4: Write each definition as a biconditional. 7. Parallel lines are two coplanar lines that never intersect.

8. A hummingbird is a tiny, brightly colored bird with narrow wings, a slender bill, and a long tongue.


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