Honors Geometry Companion Book, Volume 1

1.1.1 Understanding Points, Lines, and Planes (continued)

In order for two lines to intersect, they must not have the same slant. So, to draw two intersecting lines, draw two lines (each with arrows at the ends) such that the degree of slant in the first line is different from that of the second line. It is possible to draw two lines that do not intersect. Non-intersecting lines will have the same degree of slant. For example, two horizontal lines will never intersect. Here, draw two planes that intersect in one line. So, draw two unique planes that cross each other. The line formed by the intersection of the two planes is contained on both planes.

To draw a line that intersects the two planes, but does not lie in either plane, draw a line that intersects with each plane at a single point. The vertical line drawn here intersects with both of the planes, but it does not lie in either plane.


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