2018 Midyear Outlook Invite

A U.S. economy operating at nearly full employment combined with an overall favorable business climate will continue to drive economic expansion into 2019. What will happen as this expansion continues to progress? As the balance of the year unfolds, we will hear plenty of competing economic media stories, including positive narratives on global growth, continued robust U.S. employment rates, the potential for real wage increases and subdued inflation. Offsetting these favorable influences could be growing international trade friction, continued high equity valuations, more interest rate increases and domestic political struggles culminating in the midterm U.S. elections. All these factors may make for an interesting financial drama to unfold. Get a handle on what may come in the second half of the year. Commerce Trust Company’s Chief Economist Scott Colbert, CFA, Director of Investment Strategy Joe Williams, CFA, and Director of Investment Research Barbara Turley, CFA, sort out the key influencing forces for all interested clients and their guests in this informative webcast event. MIDYEAR INVESTMENT UPDATE WEBCAST JULY 19, 2018 | 10:30AM (CT)

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