King's Business - 1913-07

The Laying of the Corner Stone of the Bible Institute Building

Lyman Stewart, President, Delivering the Address

The President’s Address

O UR Bible Institute, conceived in prayer, ■founded by faith, and established through sacri­ fice, has, through the good providence of God, came to the third red-letter day in the history of its efforts to provide a permanent home for its several departments of service. The first was when it succeeded in secur­ ing this ideal location, and the second when formal possession was taken for the Lord by the breaking of ground. We have sought to have buildings planned on a scale somewhat com­

mensurate with the commercial value of this site, the magnitude of the field, and the probable future needs of the Institute’s many-sided work. These dormitories, while' a necessary ad­ junct to the Institute, will also par­ take of the character of an endow­ ment. The work of construction, however, can proceed only as the means for this purpose can be se­ cured ; but the phenomenal increase of our population, and the new problems to be solved when the Panama Canal is opened, impose increased responsi-

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