King's Business - 1913-07



ble workers “furnished completely unto every good work.” Should the Institute ever depart from these truths, or allow any teach­ ing within these building? contrary to them, then this property is to re­ vert to the donors or to their heirs. As to the donors, allow me to say that it is greatly to be regretted that one of our daily papers yesterday morning, in its notice of this service, through a misapprehension of the facts, referred to Lyman Stewart as “the donor of the building.” This statement does great injustice to all the donors, and is also an injury to the Institute, as such statements neces­ sarily tend to prevent the successful financing of this great enterprise. I desire to state most emphatically that I am only one of a number of donors, and that I am not the donor of this or of any of these buildings. For the teaching of the truths for which the Institute stands, its doors are to be open every day in the year, and all people, without reference to race, color, class, creed, or previous condition, will ever be welcome to its privileges. Like the great apostle to' the Gen­ tiles, the Institute in its propaganda will have but one theme,—“Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.” Its teach­ ing, therefore, from the standpoint of this world’s wisdom, will be narrow. It will also be intolerant of error, but will have a love for the souls of men as wide as the world. - It will fellow­ ship with, and bid God-speed to, all who love the truth as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. It is inter-denomi- national in its organization and char­ acter, and seeks to co-operate with and to assist all churches, Bible train­ ing schools, and other organizations which are endeavoring, in obedience to the command of our blessed Lord, to give His “Gospel to every crea­ ture,”

bilities, and render haste imperative. Our friends, therefore, need to earn­ estly pray the Lord to send the means to continue this work of construction unto completion. While ftius seeking to provide for the future needs of the Institute, we trust that none of its friends will yield to the temptation to exploit the possi­ ble commercial value of its property, nor to compare its prospective build­ ings with those of like institutions elsewhere.. For, however commodious, buildings cannot make a Bible Insti­ tu te , nor even constitute its chief asset. The great, and commercially unap- praisable, assets of our Institute are its Organization, its teachers, its stu­ dents, its evangelists, its Bible women, its Fishermen boys, its Lyceum girls, its missions, its Bible classes, and its faithful praying constituency. These constitute the nuclei from which the Institute, under the continued bless­ ing of our loving Lord, is to grow; and these buildings will simply so, house these agencies for service as to promote their growth and develop­ ment, and thereby increase their effi­ ciency. 'We trust to see the workers in them so greatly multiplied that this entire coast shall feel their beneficent and uplifting influence. It should also be understood that these buildings are not to be a monu­ ment to any man, nor to any set of men, but are to forever stand solely for the promulgation of the eternal truths of God’s Holy Word. Over its portals, and running across the front of this central building, will stand the inspired declaration, “For ever,'0 Lord, Thy Word is settled in heaven.” This divinely inspired Word will ever be the source of truth which will inspire all of the Institute’s activ­ ities, furnishing from its exhaustless resources, the instruction which is to enable the Institute to send forth Bi­

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