King's Business - 1913-07



L. F. Peckham Leading the Song

It will ever be its purpose in such co-operation to have the Gospel, as far as possible, brought to every home in our State. With the Gospel given to all the people, there will be laid the only foundation which can possibly make the prospective great empire of the Pacific Coast permanent. For where the Gospel of the grace of God in Christ is faithfully preached, there the propaganda of hate, selfishness and lawlessness cannot dominate the com­ munity. Through the transforming power of the Gospel of Christ men are being constantly transferred from that class which is a menace to so­ ciety, to that which upbuilds and sup­ ports it. Permanent good govern­ ment and civic righteousness are only possible through the faithful preach­ ing and teaching of the Word of God. Enduring work must ever be built

“upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner-stone.” The Institute’s missionary work will not be confined to our own coast, but a steady stream of Bible-trained men and women will, with increasing volume, be steadily flowing into the dark places of the earth, carrying the glad tidings of salvation. About seventy-five of its young people have already volunteered for this glorious work, and the vanguard of these in­ vading hosts is even now in South America, Africa and China. It is hoped that in due time our Institute will have branch Bible training schools in all of these countries. For many months we have watched with great interest from day to day the preparations for, and the laying of, these physical foundations. They are laid deep and strong’ in, ipiperish-

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