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resorted to by millions of pilgrims (10,000 a day), some making the journey upon their knees. At its base is the retreat for Bible study by missionaries, native preach­ ers and helpers, who diligently and suc­ cessfully propagate the Gospel among the Pilgrims. This number of the Review graphically describes and beautifully illus­ trates the work, workers and scenes of this unique mission in which the Bible House of Los Angeles is prosecuting one of its most effective ministries, with its river ¡boats passing from village to village, distributing literature,.and preaching the Gospel. “Eight and' twenty years ago,” says a Chinese Christian, “I was one morning on my way to the city when I noticed by the roadside a Hupeh man, who had a box and a lot of books about the foreign religion. He was showing these to the people and asking.them to buy. I thought I should like to get a book and was look­ ing through then!, when a great scholar, Wang Kwangh-fu, rushed up and said that if we looked at them our eyes would go blind. He kicked over the box and, driv­ ing the Hupeh man away with blows and curses, ordered us to gather the books into a heap to burn. But I did not like to see this waste, so slipped, as many as possible into my sleeve. Among them were four Gospels, ‘The Christian Catechism,’ ‘The Guide to Heaven,’ and other tracts. As soon as I began to read I knew that the doctrines they taught were true; that there was only one God who made and loved us, and wanted to save us from our sins. I therefore gave up idolatry. Then I heard of some foreign missionaries coming to live your days’ journey north of the Yellow river and I went to them to ask for in­ struction about salvation. They prayed with me and talked to me about Jesus, so that “before I had left, I had decided to be­ come a Christian.” From Egypt comes the disquieting news, on the authority of the Judicial Adviser, that “the ever-ascending scale of crimes is very discouraging to the judges and the

wielding the power of the world today are the lands with the Bible. I know that the wealth of the world is in the hands of people who have a Bible. I realize that the music of the world has been inspired by the Gospel and executed for its praise. I understand that the best art of the world is the result of the inspiration of the Gospel. Only the man with a microscopic vision can spend his time picking to pieces the Book which has led in the progress of the world’s civilization. The light, the prog­ ress and the comfort of the world are the result of the Bible.” A letter from Korea speaking of the con­ spiracy trial says, “Among the prisoners now being tried for the second time is a man of wealth and influence. As he was questioned he admitted that he was a Christian. ‘At the first trial,’ said the judge, ‘you denied being a Christian.’ ‘At that time,’ answered the prisoner, ‘I was not a Christian, but a month ago I gave myself to Christ.’ This was in the face of perse­ cution and torture.” Robert Arthington, of Leeds, England, a man who lived abstemiously that he might give royally, left $4,500,000 to missions. His will stipulates that John, Luke and Acts be put into every language and dialect not now representing them, and that the peo­ ples, so far as necessary, be at once taught to read them. “It is my wish,” so runs the will, “that everywhere, in all Africa, Central America, South America; in Asia and the South Sea islands and the Indian Archipelago, all tribes jnd great popula­ tions destitute of the said Gospels in print should be by some means reached promptly, the actual heathen first.” In March we described the work of Dr. Kellar in Hunan, China. The Missionary Review for May prints a fac-simile of one of the various posters, in Chinese charac­ ters, which are being posted throughout that great province. It reads, "Believers Obtain Salvation, John 3 :16.” Hunan’s pop­ ulation reaches 22,000,000, with 4,268,000 homes. Its “Sacred Mountain” is a Mecca,

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