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Jesus as the flower of their race, but they do it only to magnify their race. It was the Jews who had rejected Christ for agnos­ ticism who prepared the way for Mohamet. Spinoza and Maeterlink are much akin to the Cabbalists. Renan and Straus's are pub­ lished in Hebrew. In praising Jesus, the liberal Jews unintentionally condemn their fathers who crucified Him. The Bible House of Los Angeles has sept out more than 6,500,000 underscored Testa­ ments, or portions of the Testament, in Spanish, during the last twelve years. These have been given away, not sold, and the demand still exceeds the supply. Spain, Cuba, the Philippines, Mexico, Central and South America are, in this way, being sow­ ed with the Scriptures, and many testi­ monies indicate that the seed is coming up. “My experience,” writes one, “is that free distribution assists considerably in Scrip­ ture selling.” From Cuba, Mr. Bardwell writes: “I see results; I have much faith in the Bible single-handed.” Mr. Moe of the Philippines: “I never have enough to satisfy the requests that come to me.” From Bogpta (Colombia): “Men come almost every day asking for them; the last ship­ ment was soon exhausted in spite of the greatest care in distribution.” From Hon­ duras : “We make little effort to sell any­ thing. It would seem almost mockery (they are so poor). It is a pity to leave them without the enlightening Word if they show a desire to possess it, as many do. A brother told me of a certain part of Central America where dozens of groups of believ­ ers have been brought out of the darkness of Rome by the reading of tracts and por­ tions of Scripture, and without any human instrumentality.” From Argentina comes this illustration: “Diaz, an Argentine, to whom we sent, at his request, one of your underscored Testaments, has been soundly converted and undergone persecution. He is a peon working with butchers, a wild set of men. The only instruction he has had has been what the Holy Spirit has given him in the reading of the Word X—Record of Christian Work.

police concerned in, the repression of of­ fenses. Since 1897 juvenile crime has in­ creased fourfold, and the reformatories can no longer accommodate the number of boys sent to them, in consequence of which-they have to be drafted into the prisons. ” This is a poor commentary upon Euro­ pean influence in Egypt apart from God. On the one hand, the careless lives of some British-born residents, having “a form of godliness but denying the power thereof;” on the other the ban placed by British of­ ficials upon missionary effort among the Mohammedan population—it looks very much as if these are responsible, at least in part, for the state of things reported. The charge is often made in India and South Africa, that “Christian” natives are more dishonest than the heathen; yet in Egypt, where missionary effort is discour­ aged, the result is not better, but worse. Egypt, like other heathen lands, needs Christian example as well as Christian pre­ cept. —The Christian (London). At the recent centennary of Dr. Delitzsch, the great Jewish Christian, many mission­ aries from all parts of Europe, who are laboring amongst Jews, gathered together and some very striking things were said by them. One of these men favored the ob­ servance of the Law of Moses by Jewish Christians, but Schoenberger of London condemned this as mole-work of modern Ebionites. Another spoke of the Jewish mystics, but said that they had the same hatred of Jesus as the legalists had. A missionary risks his life if he labors among them. Most converts to the Gospel come from liberal Jews. The others stone us, the liberals at least listen. Oriental Jews say: “All misery comes from the One Who was hanged.” The best way to reach the Jews is through public discussions. New Testa­ ments given to the Jews in Prague were thrown into the streets. Don’t despise a Jew. Don’t expect .Christian conduct of a follower of the Law. Confess Christ be­ fore' him that he may see your advantage over him. The Reformed Jews may praise

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