King's Business - 1913-07


Voi. 4

JULY, 1913

No. 7

WELCOME, ENDEAVORERS ! T HE K ing ’ s B usiness welcomes the C hristian E ndeavorers to Los Angeles and the Coast. Great is your opportunity, what"Tatent pos­ sibilities in your world-wide organization; your passage to and fro over seas and continents; your sojourn among us; and the far flow of your influence at the breaking up of your concourse and return to your homes and spheres of service. John, the Apostle, wrote, “I have written unto you young—because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you.” John’s confidence did not rest in the strength of youth, but youth quickened and sanctified by “the word of God.” May you honor the confidence placed in you by the disciple whom Jesus loved, and the Spirit of inspiration by whom he wrote. Let the Word, the Bible, reign supreme among you; only so can it be said, “Ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one” (1 John 2:14). There never was more need of young men and young women in whom the Word of God abides than now. Has not the Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor come into the king­ dom for such a time as this? Working for Christ in the Summer I N MOST places there is a letting down of Christian work in the summer months. Not only do Christian men and women with others take a vacation from their secular work but they also take a vacation from their work for their Lord. It is thought that the summer is a poor time for aggressive Christian work, though it is oftentimes necessary to conduct it along other lines than those pursued in the cooler or stormier months. It is difficult at this season of the year to get people into the churches and mission halls, but it is far easier to reach them in the open air and in tents than it is. any other season of the year. The beaches swarm with people and these can be reached by earnest Christian workers going among them and doing personal hand to hand work, which is'after all the most effective kind of work, and by having open air meetings in different places along the beach. People are out on their front porches and can be reached by wise workers holding open air meetings at some point near at hand or by going from porch to porch and speaking with individuals. Country churches, if they will just leave their hot, stuffy buildings and get into some grove near at hand can get ten times as many people to the services as they could in their church build­ ings. In many cities the school boards have started open air schools. Why may not the churches have open air church services and open air Sunday schools ? This would solve the problem of how to get a congregation in the summer and how to have a large attendance at the Sunday school in the summer. It is hoped that all the readers of T hr K inc ’ s B usiness instead of letting down their work this summer will make use of these days of unusual oppor­ tunity to push the work as they have never pushed it before.

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