King's Business - 1913-07

The Bible Institute of Los Angeles Incidents in Personal Work Saved on the Street

why he cursed: God, and said he ought not to do that. He admitted it. I said, “Then you are a sinner?” “Yes,” he replied. “You need a Savior,” I said. He assented. Then I said, “That Savior is Jesus; will you take Him here and now as your personal •Savior ?” “I will,” he. answered. “Give me your .hand on it,” said I. He gave it. And we took off our hats, and he asked God to save him. As we walked on, I showed him, as best I could, the way of life, and we went our ways. Months after I noticed at a Mission a well-appearing man and we looked at each other a mo­ ment. I then went toward him, and he said, “Your name is Anderson.” I then recognized my friend on the bridge, and found he was living a clean, upright, Chris­ tian life.— R. F. A. The Spirit’s Guidance on a Street Car On a Sunday morning on taking a San ,Pedro car, I asked the Lord to point me to some soul through whom I might glorify Him: As I entered the car I saw that each seat was occupied by at least one passenger. One of these was a young man wearing a checkered cap, and sitting in about the middle of the car.. I remained on the rear platform asking God’s guid­ ance. At the first stop some boarded the car, .but no one sat with the young man. At the next crossing others came in, but still the youth sat alone. There was one more stop and I wondered if the seat be­ side him would be taken there. Others did enter at this point but no one took the seat, although almost every other had been taken. On this I gathered that the Spirit pointed to this young man as my oppor­ tunity, and sitting down by him I began our acquaintance by presenting him. with a card of the Fishermen’s Club. He took it kindly, and seemed interested as I spoke to him of the Lord Jesus. At Wilmington I asked definitely if he would accept Christ as his personal Savior, and he gave me his hand as a token of his sincerity as he did so. I showed him some helpful passages

Coming one night from a mission, I saw a man standing alone on the curb who seemed to be down-hearted. , I accosted him and asked if he was a Christian. He answered that he was not. After speaking further to him I asked him if he would accept Christ, and was surprised that he at once replied, “Yes.” We prayed God that He would save him. I then gave him some instruction on how to live a Christian life; gave him a copy of the Gospel according to John, and we separated. It seemed as if the man had just been waiting for some one to speak with him. Doubtless there are many such opportunities which we let slip; and many ,go to eternal death be­ cause we fail to use them.— R. F. A. Saved at a Supper Table At the Yokefellow’s Mission a man'at the supper table paused in eating and said, “It’s do or die with me tonight; I’ll either take Christ or commit suicide.” I got up and went to him with my Bible in hand. He grabbed the Bible, and I said, “Come here with me and I will show you how to become a Christian.” We went by our­ selves to a corner alone and knelt He prayed a most earnest prayer, pleading that God would save his soul, and we believe He did. We arose and read the Scriptures showing he had eternal life if he believed (John 5:24) and that “Whosoever calleth on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” The alternatives were settled—he chose the good one. He took life, but not his own life—Christ liveth in him.— R. F..A. Saved on a Bridge On a bridge at Eastlake Park, Los An­ geles, I was watching the building of a dam. A man came along who began talk­ ing with me. He had evidently been on a spree and had been struck over the eye and his face was covered with blood, a horrid sight to behold. He vowed with curses to kill the man who struck him. I asked him

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