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of Scripture, gave him a “Christian Life” card, and after he gave me his address, we parted.— V. V. M. Bible Women’s Notes. At the close of the West Thirtieth Street Bible class, it was unanimously decided to form the whole class into a praying band in connection with their church. A poor, helpless, blind woman was made very happy by a call from one of our workers, when prayer was made for her and she heard the Word of God read by one who loved it as she herself did. One of the suburban Sunday schools has recently found that their quarters are al­ most inadequate to accommodate the many young people who crowd the room. The pastor and superintendent acknowledge this condition due to the faithful work of one of our devoted women. One woman who had not .been to church for seven years accepted the Lord Jesus as her Saviour and her husband «dedicat­ ed his life to God'. Another, who had not attended church for five years, came back to God and her duty. Daily prayer is now offered in both homes and they are all in their places on the Lord’s day. In one apartment house were found nine boys and girls out of Sunday School. The three mothers each thanked the Bible wo­ man for coming, as they were strangers and did not know where to go. Being directed to the church preferred, they were urgent in their invitations for the visitor to come again. Perhaps “a little child shall lead, them” and the parents, too, find their way to their church home. After many vain attempts to bring a well-known physician who was dabbling in philosophy, science, theosophy and other false lights, to the Lord, he was invited to a class on Bible Dispensations. His keen interest was so aroused, and it brought him into such close touch with the Word of God, that conviction of sin followed and the Holy. Spirit sealed the work in his

soul, bringing to him salvation and a new purpose in life. A poor, drunken man accepted the Lord Jesus as his Saviour and thus became a new man. His wife, who was also un­ saved, was found by one of the Bible wo­ men in the little tumble-down place they called “home.” Though at first hard and unbelieving, she was brought to a compre­ hension of what salvation means, and that to every member of the household. Prayer and the Book seemed to win her to hope at least, and the Bible woman was urged to return soon and explain"more fully the truths in the Gospel' of John, which she promised to study. She also declared her intention of talking it all over with her husband and to settle it on her knees. The Lyceum Club. The Tuesday Night Lyceum Club for young women is a companion work to the Fishermen’s Club for young men on Mon­ day evening. The aim of this unique work is not to win girls by any social function, however helpful, but to bring to them first, a definite knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Saviour, then the Word of God as the practical guide book for their living and to teach them how to reach out for the thousands of girls who are in such' dire need of this knowledge. The j supper tables are surrounded by happy faces, each girl fulfilling the club motto, “Help the other girl,” by pleasant converse and a warm welcome to every newcomer. At the meeting which follows, it is good to see the expectant, interested faces as they look up to their leader, Mrs. T. C. Horton, knowing they will get noth­ ing but a message from the Book, feeling a healthy hunger and a strong desire for. it and really resenting any interruption of the regular Bible work. There is never a meeting without genuine conversions, though the class work is not particularly evangelistic, but a plain, simple presenta­ tion of some truth from the Word of God. Scores of girls have here been brought face to face with their responsibility as

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