King's Business - 1913-07



spiritual help than that received in the shop meetings. Mr. Wm. Sloan, our Oilfield evangelist, was hindered from ¡being pres­ ent by reason of the condition of the moun­ tain roads. He had reported by letter of the usual kindly reception from the men of the fields, of the obstacles and difficulties attending such pioneer work, and of the blessed results. He and his helper have the distinction of being the only workers giving their whole time to this work in the hun­ dreds of miles of area comprising the oil­ fields. Many letters of appreciation reach us from men to whom the workers have been a blessing. Mrs. Manson spoke of the wide open doors for the Jewish worker and of the eagerness with which many of them hear the story of their Messiah. The year has been one of joyful encouragement, result­ ing in the conversion of not a few. Mr. L. H. Jamison of the Spanish department was absent from the city, but attention was called to' the growth and need of that work. Much has been done during the year past in the way of evangelistic, services in the open air and in the mission. A class of converts has been instructed in Bible truths and many of the converts have become real ambassadors for the Lord. There is a ’ great door for service among the Mexicans and the ltfork is susceptible of large de­ velopment. They are in our midst by the thousands without the Bible, without God and without hope. Mr. Oscar Zimmerman represented a new work of the Institute— work for the seamen—not through a mis­ sion upon the land, but through a mission to the men upon the boats. He has found a door of access to hundreds of men and a hearty reception fo r. the Gospel by lip and leaflet. He has used many of the stu­ dents as helpers and in a half dozen dif­ ferent languages the Gospel has been given to men from all over the world. Mrs. T. C. Horton, Superintendent of the Bible Women’s work, spoke through two of the Bible- women. Miss Anita Lake il­ lustrated the Bible women’s visitation work by realistic pictures of homes .visited, de­ scribing in a graphic manner the conditions

existing in the apartment houses and other homes, and emphasizing the tremendous need of this work. The inroads of the faddists with their false doctrines can be more readily seen through the experience of these Bible women than in any other way. Mrs. Neth described the Bible class work of the women, telling of the variety of classes—some in homes, some in schools, some in churches. She laid emphasis upon the awful ignorance of ’Bible truths even among intelligent Christian women and of the eagerness with which they listen and learn the great fundamental doctrines. No reports were attempted from the other departments. Mr. Geo. W. Hunter is doing extension work in San Francisco and reported a splendid work through Bible classes in that vicinity. His great class of from two to three hundred men on Saturday afternoon in San Quentin penitentiary is the best of all. The Book Department has grown by leaps and bounds and we are now receiving orders from all over the United States for our Best Books. The Correspondence Course class now numbers between 200 and 300 students and is increasing in membership every week. Of the Fishermen’s Club and the Lyceum Club, the two noble classes from which radiate so much of power and blessing throughout the city and outlying districts, there was no time or opportunity to hear. Nor could time be had for the scores of other agencies existing in connection with the school and exerting widespread bless­ ing. The time was so quickly absorbed by these reports that Dr. Torrey, who was to have given us an address, Only briefly out­ lined his message. The choir loft was filled with the school chorus, which under the direction of our efficient Musical Director, Prof. L. F. Peck- ham, rendered splendid music. The Male Quartet sang two selections, which were greatly appreciated. The service was closed with prayer by Rev. J. H. Sammis, a mem­ ber of the Faculty.

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