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N E A R L Y 4 0 0 S T U D E N on the Pacific Coast who are taking

The Scofield Bible Correspondence Course That they are well pleased with the course and with the benefit they are deriving from its study is very plainly evident from the following - UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIALS. “ I am enjoying the studies.” “ We are getting along fine in our Bible elass.” “ I enjoy the studies very much.” ‘‘I am enjoying the study of the Word through this course.” ‘‘The course is great.” ‘‘I am highly pleased with the course and expect to. complete the course.” ‘‘I am getting along very well with the course and am very much helped by it already.” ‘‘I am more than grateful for this opportunity for study. I am gaining a more intelligent faith, and so many dark passages are being cleared up.” ‘‘I will close by saying that I enjoy the study very much, and pray God’s blessing on the work.” ‘‘We meet Sunday nights, and every other Sunday morning to study what we have time for. We are greatly blessed and helped by it.” ‘‘I know the course is helping me because I can see the activity of the evil one in trying to keep me from working at it. ’’ ‘‘I use my Scofield Bible constantly arid find it such a help even just for my daily Bible reading.” ‘‘I am thankful every hour of the day that there is a Scofield Bible Corre­ spondence school, and that it is possible for me to take the course. ’’ ‘‘I find it so very interesting—raj is arranged in. such a way that it is hard to leave a lesson before mastering it.” ‘‘I am unspeakably thankful for this Bible course. Nothing can take-from me what I have learned, except such points as a treacherous memory may tem­ porarily lose; so the course can not but be profitable to me.” . “ In His name I wish to thank you for the Scofield Bible Course of study. I have just finished studying the first fifty pages' of the first volume, and find them so good I intend to give them another going over. ’’ ‘‘Even if I do not Btand well in the examinations, it will not be in vain; for I have derived much- good from the little I have covered, under these try­ ing conditions and along with my regular work. My Bible is more precious to me than ever before and I am coming to realize how little I did know about its teachings.” r" j ‘‘I am greatly enjoying the correspondence course and it is proving to be a great help and eye-opener. ” Write us for prospectus— free. Bible Institute of Los A ngeles— Auditorium Building

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