King's Business - 1913-07

Dr. TORREY’S BOOKS Dr. Torrey’s books are probably more widely read than those of any other writer on religious subjects of the day. They have been translated into more than twenty different languages. No minister or Christian worker can afford not to read them. Thé Book Room of the Bible Institute makes a special effort to carry all these books, and they can be had at list prices. They are as follows: WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES. A book of 535 pages, taking up all the great truths taught in the Bible and as taught in the Bible. This book is used as a text book in many Bible Institutes and other institutions. It is the most thorough study'of Bible doctrine in existence. Price $2.50. HOW TO WORK FOR CHRIST. A book of 518 pages, being a thorough compendium of all aggressive methods of Christian work, and showing how to construct and deliver sermons, how to teach the Bible, etc. This is prob­ ably the most practical and comprehensive book in existence on Methods of Christian work. Price $2.50. THE BIBLE AND ITS CHRIST. This is a book on Christian evidences, taking up especially the proof of the Resurrection of Christ and the proof that the Bible is the Word of God. This book has been very helpful to min­ isters and students in this age of doubt, and has led many out of Skepticism and Agnosticism into faith and out of Unitarianism in all its forms into ortho­ doxy. Price, cloth 75c. Paper 25c. REVIVAL ADDRESSES. This book gives some of the most effective ad­ dresses that Dr. Torrey delivered in his evangelistic tour around the world. These addresses have been blessed to the conversion of hundreds of thou­ sands. Price, cloth $1.00. Paper 50c. REAL SALVATION AND WHOLE-HEARTED SERVICE. This is the second volume of the revival addresses given by Dr. Torrey "through Great Britain and America. Cloth $1.00. Paper 50c. HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE FOR THE GREATEST PROFIT. This is perhaps the most comprehensive book in existence on methods of Bible study. Cloth 75c. HOW TO BRING MEN TO CHRIST. A text book on the use of the Bible in personal work. Cloth 75c. Paper 15c. PERSONAL WORK. This is a later and larger and more thorough work on personal work than How to Bring Men to Christ. It is the first part of “How to Work for Christ,” printed separately. Cloth $1.00. HOW TO PRAY. This is one of the fullest and most detailed Bible dis­ cussions on the subject of prayer to be found. It has been sold by the hun­ dreds of thousands. Cloth 50c. Paper 15c. HOW TO OBTAIN FULLNESS OF POWER IN CHRISTIAN LIFE AND SERVICE. Cloth 50c. HOW TO SUCCEED IN THE CHRISTIAN LIFE. This book was written originally for the thousands of converts in Dr. Torrey’s mission, and is an in­ valuable book to put in the hands of any young Christian. Cloth 50c. Paper 25c, THE PERSON AND WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. This is a thorough and scholarly discussion of what the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit. Though going into a thorough study of the deepest truths, it is written in a form that even the plainest Christian can understand. Cloth $1.00. ANECDOTES AND ILLUSTRATIONS. Cloth 75c. Paper 35c. DIFFICULTIES AND ALLEGED ERRORS AND CONTRADICTIONS IN THE BIBLE. An invaluable book to put in the hands; of any one that is troubled with difficulties that he finds in the Bible. It has been greatly used in clearing up difficulties for perplexed Christians and for unbelievers. Cloth 50c. Paper 15c. PRACTICAL AND PERPLEXING QUESTIONS ANSWERED. This book has had a very large circulation and has been helpful to many. Cloth —. Paper 15c. STUDIES IN THE LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF OUR LORD. This is an invaluable book to use in teaching advanced Bible classes and for private study at home. Cloth $1.50. THE GIST OF THE LESSONS. A commentary on the International Sun­ day School Lessons published yearly. „Leatherette 25c. A VEST POCKET COMPANION. For Christian workers. A book to carry with one. An invaluable help in dealing with individuals. ADDRESS ALL ORDERS TO Bible Institute Book Room, Auditorium Building, Los Angeles

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