King's Business - 1913-07

Our Financial Plan No IMPORTUNITY for Funds but OPPORTUNITYfor Investment TO FAITHFUL STEWARDS OF TH WE OFFER UNUSUALLY ATTR OPPORTUNITIES for INVEST All our work is Prayerfully and Economically Conducted and is Bringing Definite Spiritual Results


Bible Women’s W or Evangelistic Work Best B ooks a nd Trac Foreign W ork Oil Fields The E rection of t he Buildings

Jewish Evangelism Spanish Work Shop Work Extension C lasses Student Work The General Work of the Institute

We are training young men and women for all kinds of Christian work and every student is doing definite service

F O R M O F B E Q U E S T All bequests should be made to the “ Bible Institute of Los Angele* " and NOT to “ The Bible Institute” as formerly but erroneously, advertised. The following is the correct form : I give and bequeath to the Bible Institute of Los Angeles incorporated under the laws of the State of California..................................... ........ ..... and I direct that the release of the President of the Board of Directors of said Bible Institute shall be a sufficient discharge to my executors in the premises. INVEST NOW!

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