2017 END OF YEAR Report

Williston Fire Department END OF YEAR REPORT 2017

Our success is a direct result of the support our citizens, partners and officials con- tinue to give us.

Williston Fire Department 2017

Williston Fire Department CHIEF’S MESSAGE

The Williston Fire Department (WFD) continues to provide the highest level of professional service to the pub- lic by protecting lives, property, and the environment and providing life saving community education. Daily our Firefighters, EMT’s, Paramedic’s and Volunteers respond in hope to make our community safer. In our ever changing environment as a team we look at the necessary evolution of our service which enables us to effectively meet our community’s needs. As our city continues to grow, our responsibility to provide the high- est level of care and first-class service remained constant. As you will see in the report the training hours, certi- fications, and awards show just a small fraction of what your fire department team strives to do day in and day out. Since joining WFD in 2014 the department has undergone many significant changes and 2017 culminated some of the change with the opening the third Fire Station in Harvest Hills and graduating its second firefighter re- cruit class with 14 recruits. Throughout these changes our leadership team has remained steadfast in their dedi- cation and with the support of the City and the citizen’s especially with the passing of the 1% sales tax we have successfully completed almost all of the planned capital improvements. We have also established initiatives that will assist us in our battle against the ravages of cancer in the fire ser- vice. This has been done with protective equipment and by adding annual physicals to our wellness program to enhance the overall performance, effectiveness, and longevity of our most valuable resource; our members. As our environment continues to change, our department and our service will continue to adapt to effectively meet the challenges and demands of our community. We will continue to work to reduce response times, train, and plan to respond and successfully manage both man-made and natural disasters. Our teams are prepared, and have acquired the latest technologies and training to protect our citizens from the unthinkable occurrences that our community could potentially endure. I am honored to present the 2017 annual report which illustrates our commitment to the citizens of our commu- nity.

Fire Chief

Jason L. Catrambone

Williston Fire Department ORGANIZATIONAL CHART

A career and volunteer department working together for the greater good of the City of Williston

Williston Fire Department 2017

Williston Fire Department CALL VOLUME





Williston Fire Department EMS CALLS FOR SERVICE

In 2017, over 2,400 requests for medical service were answered by our EMS and Fire crews. We are proud to have been able to answer those calls for those who were in a time of need. It is our intent to continue to improve the EMS Division in order to serve the citizens of Williston to the very best of our ability . This year moved by quickly as we worked diligent- ly to make progress throughout the area of emer- gency medical services. After a long time of work- ing with local and regional resources as well as key members of the community, we are proud to have confirmation that there will be a paramedic school located in Williston. We are excited to utilize this resource to further our department’s capability to serve the community with a greater number of ad- vanced life support care providers and to improve employee retention rates.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES (2,479) Medical – 799 (32%)

Transfers – 642 (26%)

Trauma – 555 (23%)

Psychiatric – 255 (10%)

Cardiac – 157 (6%)

Overdose – 39 (2%)

Neurological Event – 32 (1%)

This year we also added some new and upgraded equipment to our fleet to improve safety and efficiency. Ballistic vests were added to ambulances for im- proved safety during times of po- tential unrest and new IV pumps were added to our fleet to aid in medication delivery during long distance transports.

– DC Emily Hughes

Williston Fire Department FIRE CALLS FOR SERVICE


Alarm [Smoke, Carbon, Sprinkler etc.] – 259 (33%)

Motor Vehicle Collision – 223 (29%)

Fire [Building, Storage, Outside, Vehicle etc.] – 79 (10%)

Good Intent Call [Smoke, Investigation, Malfunction etc.] – 66 (8%)

Service Call [Leaks, Electrical, Wires etc.] – 57 (7%)

Hazardous Condition [Chemical, Oil, Toxins etc.] – 49 (6%)

Special Incident Type [S.O.R.T., Standby etc.] – 47 (6%)

Overpressure [Rupture, Explosion, Overheat etc.] - 2 (<1%)

Williston Fire Department FIRE/EMS CALLS FOR SERVICE

Williston Fire Department 2017

Williston Fire Department TRAINING DIVISION


Fire & Rescue: 18,110 hours Emergency Medical Services: 2,177 Hazardous Materials: 1,166.25

 14 Personnel graduated 2017 Firefighter Recruit Academy

 9 Personnel achieved NREMT-B Certifications

 2 Personnel enrolled in Paramedic School

 132 Community members certified in CPR

 12 Personnel certified in NFPA 1006 Rope Technician I/II

 9 Personnel certified in NFPA 1006 Collapse Rescue I/II

 7 Personnel certified in NFPA 1041 Instructor I

 1 Personnel certified in FEMA Urban Search/Rescue

 1 Personnel certified to NFPA 1031 Inspector I

 1 Personnel certified to NFPA 1031 Inspector II

 1 Personnel certified to NFPA 1041 Instructor II

 2Personnel certified to NFPA 1021 Fire Officer III

 1 Personnel certified to NFPA 1021 Fire Officer IV

 3 Personnel certified to NFPA 472 HazMat Technician

 1 Personnel certified to NFPA 1033 Fire Investigator I

 1 Personnel certified to NFPA 1033 Fire Investigator II

Williston Fire Department TRAINING DIVISION

Williston Fire Department TRAINING DIVISION



FF/Medic Corey Johnson

FF/EMT Ryan Miller

LT Jason Lewis

FF/Medic Donald Dempsey

FF/EMT Matt Goode

FF Chris James

FF/EMT Fletcher Scaife


FF/EMT Brittany Anderson

FF/ EMT Ryan Miller

LT Craig Moen

FF/Medic Jeff VanDyke

DO/ Medic Patrick Sellers

FF/Medic Makailyn Kelly

FF/EMT Victoria Douglas (x2)

LT Chris Gillies

BC Anthony Verespe

FF/Medic Clint Bates

Williston Fire Department 2017

Williston Fire Department Office of Prevention and Investigation

Foreword from the Fire Marshal There are hazards that can be prevented and those that happen without warning. The City of Williston Fire Prevention Division works to reduce the loss of life and property through code enforcement, fire investigation and public education—in effect, stopping fires or hazardous conditions before they occur. Listed on the following page are the steps in the strategies that are needed to keep communities safe as the fire service moves from the concept of fire prevention to that of community risk reduction. For the past 2 years the department evaluated the community risk and implemented a program to meet the needs of the community. 2017 continues to be a year of change for the office. Fire Marshal Robert Kiser completed two years in office in November. Lieutenant Duane Winter left the Division to become the county fire inspector. Tim Swanson left for a paramedic job in Fargo. With these vacancies, Firefighter/ Investigator Michael Mesco and Firefighter/ EMT James Hermann were hired. Inspector Jill Sellers completed a year in the Division as of February. Shawn Johnson came to the Division in May as the Administrative Assistant.

Quick Stats Inspections: 1,463 Plan Reviews: 46 Fire Pre-Plans: 475 Fire Investigations: 27 Registered Tier 2 / Bulk Storage Sites: 64 Pub. Ed. Hours: 385+ Classroom Visits: 17

Community Risk Reduction Plan

Progress in 2017

STEP 1: Identify Community Risks

STEP 2: Prioritize Risks

STEP 3: Develop Strategies & Tactics

STEP 4: Prepare the Plan

STEP 5: Implement the Plan

STEP 6: Monitor, Evaluate, and Modify the Plan

The department has implemented the following activities:

During 2017, the depart- ment went from Step 4 to Step 5.

The Williston Fire Department implemented a fire inspection program with the goal of annual inspections on all inspect-able buildings within our district. As part of this program, the department conducts inspections on new and remodeled buildings, buildings with Hazardous materials, buildings that serve liquor, commercial buildings and multifamily buildings.

 Identify all MSDS, Hazardous Materials storage locations of 100 pounds or greater.

 Identify all MSDS, Hazardous Materials (flammable, combustible, toxic and corrosive) storage locations of 60 gallons or greater.

 Establish a pre-incident plan book for first responders. A pre- incident plan is a document containing detailed information about a facility that allows staff to quickly and effectively respond to any crisis situation at that location.

 Establish a Public Fire Education Program with a consistent annual safety message.

Fire Inspection Program

Plan Reviews

In addition to the inspec- tions performed by the firefighters/inspectors, the Fire Marshal reviews new or revised building plans for fire safety issues, then inspects new occupancies and new construction for compliance. 2017— 46 Plan Reviews

One of the most important functions the department performs for our community is providing fire inspections and plan review of commercial properties, industrial facilities, apartment buildings, medical facilities, schools and churches. As of December 2016 there were 1,792 inspected properties. Currently 1,916 properties are currently identified within the Williston Fire Response Area that will be inspected annually or bi- annually. 124 facilities were newly identified in 2017. Williston Fire Department has a responsibility to improve the quality of fire safety in the area. Our guidelines concentrate on identifying unsafe conditions or deficiencies in buildings and structures. The codes adopted by the City of Williston has updated to the 2015 International Fire Code. With care and diligence, we strive to provide a reliable means to reduce the loss of life or property from fire. Both the businesses and firefighters benefit. The businesses benefit by having safer buildings; the firefighters benefit by getting to know the buildings in the event of an emergency or fires.

Fire Investigations

All fires within the City of Williston are investigated to determine cause and origin. This information is used locally in order to focus our prevention efforts. The origin and cause are entered into a national database called NIFERS. This tracking has led to product recalls for faulty equipment.

Inspector Jill Sellers attended the Alabama Fire College, Fire Investigators Course. The two week course gives Inspector Sellers a Fire Investigator II certification. In September, Investigator Sellers attended the IAAI regional Fire Investigator’s training in Minot. During the conference she was elected to the IAAI North Dakota Chapter Board of Directors as First Vice President.

2017– 27 Incidents Investigated (2016—16 Incidents)

20—Closed 4—Open 3—Referred to Police (Resulting in 2 Arson charges)

Car Seat Safety

In 2017, staff from the Wil- liston Fire Department participated in Walmart’s Baby Days, a 3 day event focused on infant health and safety. 5 Scheduled Car Safety In- stallation Events One on One Installation 18.75 Hours assisting and over 23 Installations.

Public Education

Public education activities are important in preventing fires and injuries before they occur. Each interaction with a member from the community assists in providing them with knowledge of safer practices for fire and injury prevention. This year, 68 of the department’s paid and volunteer staff spent over 385.5 hours preparing for and participating in events to increase public relations and provide citizens with access to department staff.

Breakfast with Firefighters

Firefighters, Paramedics, Inspectors and EMTs eat breakfast in the Williston State College cafeteria at planned times throughout the school year. Started in September of 2016, this is an open breakfast and provides the opportunity for mentorship. It allows students or employees interested in an Emergency Responder career a casual setting to ask questions and converse with Fire and EMS staff.

Fire Prevention Week

The NFPA identifies a different area of focus in fire prevention each year that should be addressed within the community. This year, our Fire Department staff went to 7 different elementary schools teaching the theme, “Every Second Counts – Plan Two Ways Out”. Over 2500 children from City schools heard the message and received information about making emergency evacuation plans, smoke alarm care, general fire safety, and fire prevention history. Fire Prevention Week included a radio station message to spread the word about fire prevention, a day dedicated to providing fire station and apparatus tours for over 620 5th and 6th graders, all-day open houses at all three fire stations to ensure easy access to the public, and a Smoke House Simulator to show citizens the obstacles and hazards smoke can create in exiting a smoke filled room.

Preschool Visits

Started in December 2016, this program provides an additional point of contact for identifying irregular vital signs and potential health issues for those liv- ing in independent living facilities with limited ac- cess to routine healthcare. In 2017, our staff visited over 141 participants who received vital sign readings from EMTs and Paramed- ics, one of which resulted in a hospital visit. Our staff visited every senior apart- ment and senior center in Williston, North Dakota. Community Health Screenings

The department provided over 202 preschool children and teachers in 10 classrooms with 20 hours of exposure to firefighters pre and post bunker gear donning and fire engine and ambulance equipment. These hours also helped strengthen positive relationships through

Station Tours

Inviting people from the community to see our fire/ EMS stations builds positive relationships, provides the opportunity for 1 on 1 education, and lets the community see the value of their tax investment. With 3 beautiful fire stations, participants provide excellent feedback and children respond well, being allowed to safely see the insides of apparatus, watch firefighters slide down the pole at Station 1, don bunker gear, and walk through the stations to see where staff sleep and eat. Station tours gives citizens a better understanding of what our staff do on a daily basis, and the time and dedication these professions require. Not including open houses and planned class visits, the department has spent over 21 hours providing tours to small and large groups, unscheduled visitors, and even our youngest of junior firefighters with their families.

Materials & Social Media

Not only did the department participate in more events than in the previous year, the department increased the availability of informational hand-outs (bilingual hand-outs for safe cooking, safe smoking and other topics) and public relations giveaways (stickers, hats, pencils, magnets, etc.). First-run ambulances at each station, first-run engines at each station, and Rescue 2 now have containers filled with hand-outs and giveaway items for adults and children out in the community or to provide while on-scene at an incident. Stuffed animals are now also stored on ambulances to help comfort sick or scared children. With an established PIO, press releases are provided more consistently through the department website, and seasonal topics are discussed via Facebook, television and radio. This year, carbon monoxide, cooking safety, holiday decoration safety.

Williston Fire Department

Goals & Objectives for 2018


Increase certified hazardous materials technicians 25% (currently have 14)


Increase Technical Rescue Training by 30% (new TRT unit coming on line 2018)

Increase EMS training by 20% along with streamlining recertification process for employees

Continue working with NDFA on course development and delivery to support recertification

In the coming year we will continue to increase the number of advanced life support providers by as- sisting in the training of several department members during their paramedic education. The EMS Di- vision will work in conjunction with the Training Division to increase EMS training and mass casualty preparedness efforts. This year we will also be working with our medical director to re- new and improve our medical protocols to remain current with national standards EMS


 Continue to locate existing businesses within the Williston Fire Response area and extra

territorial jurisdiction and add them to the fire inspection data base. Due to the expansion and

growth of the community new business were added to the City and the fire department is

continuing to locate these facilities.

 Goal- Every identified business will have had an annual inspection completed by 12/2018.

 At the beginning of 2016 the department had 832 buildings identified in the department

database. We currently have 1,792 buildings in the data base. With the rapid expansion of the

community through new construction and annexation, the area grew faster than the department

could keep up. We now have nearly 98% of the facilities accounted.

Williston Fire Department


Williston Fire Department


Williston Fire Department


Williston Fire Department


Williston Fire Department


Williston Fire Department


Williston Fire Department


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