NameYour Price Be the Exclusive Sponsor of Grill Boys Getting in on the ground floor isn’t just about avoiding the stairs. It’s about getting a longer ride. We’ve created something pretty special and we’d like to offer it to a company that sees the value in curated content. Labor Day is approaching and we've made something that you can take a bulk of the credit for—and use year after year (heck, play it on loop on your TVs if you want)! “Grill Boys” is the inaugural video from Kagy & MacGregor, a soon-to-be west coast creative powerhouse—And you can own it. Forever. Why? Because we’re moving all the way to the other ocean and need some money. Not a lot, but enough to help with travel expenses for our journey from Boston to L.A. By purchasing the exclusive lifetime naming rights to “Grill Boys”, your brand will always be the first thing viewers see before watching our video. You’ll get a custom title and intro card at the start of the video showing your brand as the exclusive sponsor and links to your website in the “read more” section. You will own it with us! The video will be posted to the Kagy & MacGregor YouTube channel and website (currently in development) and stay there. Forever. When was the last time your print ad or billboard got thousands of views, likes and smiley faces? For life? Best of all, we’re letting you name your price. What’s it worth to you to be the exclusive sponsor of a catchy, high-end production that already has a sizeable fan base? We’ve performed this sketch on the mainstage at Boston’s famed Improv Asylum and it soon became a fan favorite. The concept, development, and production phases are in the can. “Grill Boys” is just waiting for a sponsor to make us an offer. We are sending this to 50 companies and want to be clear that we’re not looking for the highest bidder—just the right sponsor that thinks what we did is pretty cool. Go ahead, give it your best shot.

GRILL BOYS | Kagy & MacGregor

Alex is from Jersey, John’s from Cali, and both are veterans of the Boston comedy scene. The boys first collaborated on a commercial back in 2016 and have been creating content for the stage and screen ever since. Together, these talented writers and performers have amassed over 10,000 hours performing and directing sketch and improv comedy. From creating and starring in messy sketch sets down in dirty basement bars to putting on customized shows for corporate clients nationwide, these boys have explored every facet of the sketch and improv comedy game. And now they’re ready to take that hard-won experience in a new direction. While Massachusetts has been a wonderful home, Alex and John are moving their comedic talents to the west coast. Kagy & MacGregor are determined to create original content and produce high-quality custom videos that set a new standard for corporate branding. And “Grill Boys” is the opening act. Alex and John have perfected the art of winning over an audience. As self-proclaimed their style of comedy appeals to a wide demographic. Dedicated to their craft, committed to their clients and loving every minute of the ride, they’ve never been known to disappoint. The only question is, what will they do next? (and will you be part of it) “Men of the People”

IMPROV ASYLUM | Boston Main Stage

ALEX KAGY | alex.m.kagy@gmail.com JOHN M AC GREGOR | iamjohnmacgregor@gmail.com

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