Computing and Technology Degree Show 2018 - Employer Guide


Adam Scarpellini Contact: Location: ISTEC028 Job Role/Career Direction: • All Aspects of IT Project Title: E-Learning Website for Dyslexic GCSE Students About the Vietnam War Project Description: This website will be aimed at Dyslexic GCSE students to prepare them for the topic of the Vietnam War as part of their History GCSE. It will feature a student log in section stored on a database, as well as features relevant to Dyslexic students such as colour schemes which have been heavily researched. They will also have the ability to purchase books from the website as revision tools and there will be quizzes on the website to test students knowledge of what they have learnt and read online. Videos will also be used to aid students with revision as well as section advising on tips on how to revise.

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Matt Warnes Contact: Location: ISTEC030 Job Role/Career Direction: • Uncertain Project Title: Using Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment to Improve Accessibility In Games Project Description: This project aims to constantly update and adapt a game using DDA (Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment) principles to increase accessibility/amenability. Game difficulty is tailored in real-time based on the players stats as they are recorded, increasing/decreasing several game factors based on the player. With the end goal of improved enjoyment & retention via consistently challenging gameplay for all skill levels. Our game in question is a simplified version of placement year work designed in collaboration with another student studying 3D Design (who is responsible for all art assets), with all code developed by myself and adapted for this research project.

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